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Chi Kung: how to cultivate energy and balance your life in 2016

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Christmas is over. The season of resolutions and beginnings is here.

People have over-eaten, over-shopped, over-drank and we are “well-done” ready for a holiday.
Once people get through Christmas and celebrating with family and friends, then comes New Year’s and watching the “count down” to 2016.
We can be tired and overwhelmed before we even get started. We make resolutions rooted in self-judgement. I’ll eat less. I’ll work out more. I’ll meditate. I’ll lose weight. I’ll make time to breathe. I’ll be a better version of myself. I’ll slow down. Sound familiar?
Then what happens? Usually not much. We go back to doing what we’ve always done. Our resolutions and commitment to self-care quickly get tossed out the window. We are soon back running around between work, home and kids, and somewhere in there trying to find time for ourselves.
What if 2016 was your year of creating more energy and balance in your life? What if you could learn simple tools to slow down, be aware of your body, and deepen your internal vital energy — your Chi? This is all possible through the simple movement and meditation-based practice of Elemental Chi Kung.
Chi Kung is the best kept secret on the planet. It is a powerful way of becoming fit, healthy and balanced through opening and mobilizing the body and joints, breathing techniques, slow movement exercises, standing postures, special walking methods and meditation. It can be done anywhere, any time in whatever you are wearing. With consistent practice you can transform your health to a high level of vitality.
The KIVA Studio in Swift Current has been offering Elemental Chi Kung Classes and will host an international Chi Kung event in January, to help you create more balance and energy in your life. You don’t have to travel halfway around the world for this event. It is right here in our own backyard.
KIVA is pleased to welcome Ged Sumner to Swift Current.
Sumner will lead a two-day Elemental Chi Kung Workshop at KIVA.
This “FIRE & WATER Workshop” takes place Saturday, Jan. 23 and Sunday Jan. 24 at The KIVA Studio in Swift Current.
Sumner will help you to think about your body and how to take the next steps that will enable you to create more balance in your life, less stress, and develop your Chi Kung practice. No experience is needed and all are welcome.
Sumner is the founder and director of the College of Elemental Chi Kung and international retreat leader and Chi Kung teacher. He teaches across Europe, North America and Australia.
He is a practising Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and Chi Kung Teacher. He has studied shiatsu, healing and attachment-based psychotherapy and is the founder and director of Body Intelligence Training.
Sumner is also the author of Body Intelligence — Creating a New Environment and Your Are How You Move — Experiential Chi Kung.
He lives in Australia but spends most of his time sharing his passion for Chi Kung with the global community.
The workshop explores the basic forms and concepts of fire and water.
Anyone wishing to deepen their understanding of Chi Kung is welcome to attend.
Fire and water are the primal elemental energies of the body and Chi system that create core health and stability. Many of the forms encourage a movement and balance in the upper and lower body as well as specific organs and meridians. The workshop will include: Moving from the Dan Tiens, Chi Awareness, Static Postures, Chi Kung Breathing, Chi Kung Walks, and Joint Mobilization.
Elemental Chi Kung is a movement-based practice that works to align the body and mind, exploring the chi (vital energy) through the body. Chi Kung movements are simple. We strive to achieve body awareness, deepening our internal Chi flow through movement, stillness, meditation and breath. The aim in all the movements is to increase the flow of Chi through the mind and body.
Sumner has created a modern, accessible approach to Chi Kung that integrates mind and body and shows you how to become sensitive to yourself.
The FIRE & WATER Chi Kung Workshop will teach you: self-reflection; introduction to Elemental Chi Kung; the healing principles of Chi and its unfoldment in the human system; the expression of the fire and water elements; stability and groundedness; stillness of mind and body sensitivity to Chi; use of intention to create powerful energy flows in the body; strength, stamina and flexibility; synchronicity of movement; and an understanding and appreciation of the body’s structure.
Chi Kung has numerous health benefits. Chi Kung is known to calm the mind, reduce heart rate and blood pressure, as well as accelerate inner healing functions.
This ancient healing practice also reduces anxiety, depression and cravings. Chi Kung promotes deeper sleep and mental clarity. This is just what the doctor ordered.
The Invitation: What if this January you took action towards a more balanced, energized and grounded life? I wonder how Chi Kung can create more magic for you and your body, mind and spirit?
Free your mind from its many distraction and say yes to Chi Kung. Try something new. Chi Kung may be the best New Year’s resolution you could make this season.
For full details and registration visit: or contact KIVA (306-774-6478). Early bird rates: sign up before Jan. 8.

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