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Wednesday, 23 December 2015 11:27

Tips for how to create a 2016 to remember

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January 1 is here. It is a new day. Quietly I sit in stillness and drink a cup of yummy dark coffee. No one is up. Even the streets outside are quiet and asleep. It appears like the whole world is awakening to this day of newness, hope and beginnings. I am ready.

I have been in reflection for some time now. I am not one to make new year’s resolutions. However I do take time to honour the journey I have been on, and reflect on my 2015 year. I take time to notice its shades, colours, textures and tastes. Who was I in 2015? What am I grateful for? I honour the 2015 road and now I step full-on forward into 2016.
Gratitudes and letting go of 2015
She (2015) started off fast and offered me so much. 2015 was my year of expanding, seeking, learning and releasing. I wanted a teacher and mentor, and I found one. I was supported as I reached towards my dreams. I hired new staff, offered more courses, taught in other cities, provinces and travelled. I learned at a core level how joy is medicine for me. I became The Joy Guru — no longer hiding in the closet but shouting it from the rooftops. “Get your joy and sunshine here.”
My heart opened again — even more. I was held. I learned to ask for what I wanted. I let go of old wounds and dead love. I unwrapped my heart — even more, and gave her light. I danced. I cried. I was afraid. I danced on. I created. I held. I tended. I witnessed my life and others.  I tried to control love — which bit me in the ass. I let go of control and I practice freedom and self-care.
2015 I thank you, for your fast pace demanded me to get clear and have fierce focus. You invited me to rise even more into my power and strength and create dynamic possibilities for my life. This was my year of profound leaping. 2015 I love you and I now let you go. Thank you for bringing me here — this far.
Embracing my intentions and welcoming 2016
2016 I hereby declare this to be my year of being clear, supported, spacious and uncluttered. I intend to make actions and choices that help me stay clear and feel free. I will continue to ask for help and will create a dynamic team of soul tenderers to support my life, heart and dreams. I will root myself in earth medicine and stay strong in my foundations and truths. With clarity, support and clearing out the people, feelings and things that limit me, I choose expansion and awareness for living a joy-filled abundant and free life.
My invitation: I offer you my heart notes and personal sharings to help you to create a great 2016 for yourself. It is easy to think that “life happens to us.” However I am a strong believer that “I am responsible for my life.” I choose my life, my friendships, my feelings and actions. I choose every word I speak and the tone of my voice. I choose my excuses and my truths. I create my story. I am responsible for my life.
You can create an amazing 2016. Start it off with making some time in your calendar to dream your 2016 forward. Just as I shared with you here, you can do the same.
1. Make time in your schedule. Even just an hour to reflect on 2015; where you’ve been and where you’d like to go/who you’ve been and who you’d like to be.
2. Be still. Breathe. Check in with your heart and Centre. What is your intention for 2016? Your intention is connected to a feeling(s). (For example: I want to feel less drained, more energized and playful). Listen to your inner guru and see what shows up. Write it down.
3. Dream it forward. What are one or two simple clear action steps and goals you can take that will get you closer to this feeling? For example: I want this year to feel clear, supported, spacious and uncluttered. So one action step I am doing is making a list of the things that “clutter” my life and write down one or two things I can “get off my list”, stop doing, or clean up so there is less clutter. And then see what magic and possibilities can show up.
Today is a new day. January is time of new beginnings. 2016 is here and ready for you. All you have to do is be clear, set your intentions, take action, and get ready for an amazing joy-filled ride.
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