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Many thanks as 2015 comes to a close

Written by  Sean Finell
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The end of the year is typically a period of reflection. A chance to look back and get some perspective on the last 12 months, after all, it goes by at the speed of life.

There are numerous highlights for the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation in 2015.
We were very excited to see the new Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility open its doors and welcome its long-term care residents into bright new surroundings, that better meet their needs.
The people of Maple Creek now have one of the newest acute care facilities in the province and it should serve them well for generations.
One of the most gratifying pieces of this story is the hard work and dedication of the people of Maple Creek and surrounding area to raise the money needed to equip and outfit their new facility. It opened its doors with absolutely everything it required.
Another big success for the Foundation this year has been the lab update in the community of Ponteix.
The entire lab, all major pieces of equipment, have been replaced, ensuring that for the people in Ponteix and area the Health Centre will be able to serve their needs for years to come.
The Ponteix group has also worked hard to fundraise and have managed to gather all the funds necessary to provide this much-needed new equipment.
The community of Leader is working with the Foundation to prepare for the new acute care area that will be added to the Western Seniors Home. When the construction begins, they will already be well on their way to meeting the fundraising needs for equipment.
Cabri has also been fundraising and working towards buying a handi-van for transporting the community members who have difficulty travelling, including the residents of the Prairie Health Care Centre, much the same as the van that was purchased in Gull Lake.
Our largest project of the year by far has been the new long-term care homes in Swift Current. As much as $8 million will be required to purchase all the equipment and furnishings.
The Foundation has been working hard to meet with donors and help them to understand how the need for this new building.
We have had some terrific success thus far, but we will need the help of everyone in the area to make these new houses into homes. We know more community members can and will support this project, and to anyone who is considering it we would love to hear from you.
Some of the equipment needs to be ordered up to six months in advance, and the construction is scheduled to be finished by May 1st, 2016.
This is a large project, and a large ask of the community, but it is an enormous benefit to all residents of the area.
Statistics show the average person is more likely to need long-term care than the hospital, and current long-term care facilities in Swift Current have outlived their time.
As we look forward to an exciting 2016, the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation would like you to know that we will be open Dec. 29-31 if you have plans to make a donation and need a 2015 tax receipt.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We look forward to working with you in the coming year to “Keep Healthcare Strong.”
(Sean Finell is the Special Events/Public Relations Co-ordinator for the Dr Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation.)

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