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The shape-shifting power of water: Be still and flow

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It is early morning. Dark. The almost full moon is still in the sky.

The sun is thinking of waking. I am walking my dog along the creek. I listen to the birds awakening in the frosty morning.
I hear the creek flowing.
I watch the water. There is a palpable moment of stillness here. The ever-changing water intrigues me.
Frozen water — parts of the creek have “crusted over” with a gentle layer of ice.
“Be still,” says the water. “Slow down.”
Yet whirling underneath the thin icy layer, the running water flows flows. Rushing water — “go go go — must get there — must flow — must run” — says the rushing, running water.
I imagine the inner dialogue in each water molecule: 
“Should I be still?”
“Should I keep moving?”
“It’s getting colder. I should slow down.” “If I keep moving, the ice won’t find me.”
But the cold does come, stronger now, and the ice arrives, and the water slows down. A thick crust and layer upon layer of ice is born.
Frozen water. “It is time to be still,” says the ice. “It is time to remember.”
Winter is an indwelling time. The deep cold and ice and dark calling us to go within —  to our heart centre, to the chill in our bones —and remember what matters to us.
What makes our hearts sing? Even in the darkness of winter, what brings us joy? We are often so busy rushing and running that we forget what we are rushing for.
We are “off track”, ungrounded, and forget the direction we desire to go to in the first place.
When water gets “off track” it overflows its banks, and causes flooding.
When we get “off track” we are flooded as well. Flooded with feelings of being overwhelmed, stress, anxiety, depression, guilt and more.
Despite the ice and deep cold of winter, a persistent stream of flowing water quietly moves in the dark depths of the river. The stream is so quiet, so deep and gently moving, one hardly notices it is there. No longer rushing water, it is simply moving water. Water being and flowing in the direction of its destination.
How can I be like water? I ask myself. Why do I have to choose action or stillness? How can I be both at the same time? How can I feel grounded, centered and strong in my purpose?
All the while moving forward in action and creatively flowing towards the direction of my dreams?
“It is possible,” says the water. The ice and the river flowing below speak in tandem now. “Be still and know,” says the ice. “Take action and flow,” says the river.
When we are still, a deep knowing emerges and awakens within us.
Stillness is a healing gift. Slow is medicine. When we take action and make choices from point of awareness, our potential is amplified. When we simply react to life, we are “off track” — like water flowing everywhere and getting nowhere.
Today, I choose to be like water. Strong, silent and still. Flowing, graceful and moving forward.
Today, I choose to move from a deep knowing within me — of what feels good, what brings me joy, and makes me feel alive.
Today, I choose to be in harmony with the water within me — rushing, flowing and alive, yet still, silent and deep.
Today, I choose action and stillness, silence and motion.
I thank the water in all its shapes and forms for teaching me today.
My invitation: Don’t be afraid to be still. Slowing down can be the best teacher and offer you great medicine. Nothing will change unless you change something. Water is not afraid to change. It changes everyday. Water flowing, to freezing, to ice, to snow. Water evaporates, let’s go, releases and returns in a new shape and form. I invite you to watch the water in all its shapes and forms.
Be like water.  Be still and know.
Be like water. Take action and flow.
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