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Med. Hat skateboarders form a Krew to support Random Acts of Kindness Day on November 6

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The Medicine Hat Skateboard Association (MHSA) is participating in the third year of Random Acts of Kindness Day sponsored by Community Foundation of South East Alberta. 

On Monday, November 2,  the MHSA kicked off the week leading up to Random Acts of Kindness Day on Friday, November 6, 2014 by doing a bottle drive on the SouthEast Hill.  All funds raised will be used to perform Random Acts of Kindness on RAK Day Friday, November 6, and to help out a family from Swift Current who is travelling to Medicine Hat for treatments for their 10 year old daughter.
On Random Acts of Kindness Day (November 6), the group of skateboarders will be divided into krews to share kindness with deserving recipients.  Krews will use the money raised through the bottle drive to make a significant impact with a goal to reach over 50 people.  The MHSA is pleased to be able to be part of this great initiative again this year.  The last two years over 100 people were impacted by the generosity of the skateboarders – see attached for examples of projects that were done on the Random Acts of Kindness Day in 2013 and 2014.
The skateboarding community in Medicine Hat is a powerful force that inspires a drive to be part of something bigger.  As a part of continued commitment to the community the Medicine Hat Skateboard Assoc is always searching for initiatives that will improve the image of skateboarders and skateboarding.
Skateboarders will be canvassing door to door on the South East Hill on Monday, November 2, 2015 starting at 6 pm.  Community members who are interested in supporting the Skateboarders can also drop off bottles in the parking lot of Swirls from 6pm and 9pm on Monday).
Steele Howard, MHSA coordinator says “We want to show the community that while skateboarders are passionate about skateboarding, they also want to help out and make a difference”.

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