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What if a person’s greatest gift is to listen?

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The setting: I am sitting in a comfy chair. Light cascades through the window and casts light and shadow on the floor in front of me. Gentle music plays and a water fountain whispers in the background.

I am about to write. I breathe. I remember my week. I connect the dots between the stories and experiences I have had, and the conversations shared. The story arrives and I listen.
I am struck by the power of listending and the act of being the witness.
I remember: Living in developing countries and foreign far-away lands (like Suriname [Dutch Guyana], Kenya, Thailand and the Philippines) and being struck by the sounds all around me.
Children playing, roosters crowing, people laughing. I didn’t speak the language or know their customs. I simply listened. When I tried to speak everything was pared down to the root, the core, and the essence of everything. Simple words — such as “yes”, “no”, “thank you”, “friends”, and  “please”. The simplicity was beautiful. Words didn’t complicate things. We simply were with each other — without words — without language and we communicated just fine.
Here and now: I speak the language of my neighbours. Words abound in my world. Emails. Texts. Tweets. Messages. Sessions. And more. Listening to stories from clients and friends talk about their day, their life, their hopes, and their dreams. Frustrations. Pains. Fears. Worries. Wonderings. What ifs. If onlys. Regrets. Dreams and More. I am grateful for these stories and times to connect.
Then profound listening moments and connections emerge: One: She sits in a guided meditation with me. Listening to the wisdom of her heart. Her heart tells her “Use Your power and be free”. Eyes closed. A tear moves down her cheek.
Two: She and he are talking in a group. She is crying and wanting to be heard. He is interrupting and trying to make her feel better. She breathes and speaks. “I want you to listen and not give advice”. He says nothing. We are all moved by this moment of witnessing their pain — it reminds us of our own.
Three: She talks about the privilege of being a caregiver for her loved one. She wonders and worries about “how to make him better, more comfortable and at ease”. Her mind is “on” all the time loving and worrying about him.
What if our greatest gift was to listen? What if we let go of trying to find the answer — the truth — or the “right” thing to do or say? What if we simply witnessed our life and the lives of those we loved? What if we let go of having to know what to say or do to make things better and simply witnessed and listened to our lives?
Whether we are listening to our hearts and the deep wisdom that resides within…
Whether we are listening to the pain story of someone that we love…
Whether we are listening to the dreams and curiosities of our friends…
We all desire to be heard. We don’t want to be told what to do. We want to be seen.
How can deep listening be a gift to my relationships and my life today? (tweetable).
My invitation: I let go of the belief that I have to have all the answers. I let go of the belief that I have to be right. I let go of the belief that it is up to me to make it all better for everyone else.
Today I choose deep listening. Today I will breathe before I speak. And when I do speak it will be my truth and not what I think someone else wants to hear; but what I desire to say.  And perhaps in that moment I will choose to say nothing. And perhaps in the silence one’s inner wisdom will appear.
Shine On. Play On. Joy On.
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