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How collective energy catalyzes more energy

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I was helping my parents set up at Market Square today — as I usually do early Saturday mornings — and I was struck by the feeling of community.

Sarah is handing out green and white ribbons to the market vendors (symbolizing they are part of this farmer’s market community). Beside my parents, a local Hutterite colony unloads crates and boxes full of vegetables. Across the way a family of gardeners set up their tables and lay out their produce. Everyone is gathering. Everyone is sharing the bounty of their harvest and the work of their hands and their hearts.
It is incredibly hard work growing a garden and tending to it. I remember as a child, my parents planting a large garden at my grandparents’ farm. Row upon row of vegetables and weeds. The rows seemed to be longer than my eyes could see. It was hard work. Plant. Water. Weed. Water. Weed. Tend. Care. Water. Weed. Pull. Pluck. Pick. Wash. The rhythm of the work was exhausting. Usually as a kid, we would peter out and end up running in the fields eating carrots fresh from the earth … or nibbling on the fresh garden peas from the pail.
I notice all the vegetables beautifully harvested, washed and packaged on the tables at Market Square. I notice all the jams, jellies, pies and pickles that have been tenderly prepared. This is the season of harvest and all have harvested well. I am struck by how hard everyone must have worked and how they didn’t work alone. How much time they have tended to each of the vegetables here for sale? How much cutting, dicing, boiling and baking took place? I wondered how many hands were involved in the labour? I look around and I see table upon table of tending hands and caring hearts.
So much more is possible when we share our time and talent together. There is a great scripture writing that says, “When two or three are gathered in my name, I am there.” Joy is there when we are together in community. Spirit is awakened when we share our gifts with others. Possibilities are infinite when we gather. Magic happens when we show up and share of ourselves in community.
We are all unique and have diverse dreams, goals, gifts and skills. When we bring all of who we are …  and share that with someone else … I wonder what magic can emerge and what else is possible? I wonder if life in many ways, is like a “Market Square?” Each of us having a table. What do we share at The Market of Life? How do we share at The Market of Life? I wonder what gifts and skills you bring to your table of life? I wonder how your gifts can inspire others as well? When you are willing and open to share of yourself and to be yourself with someone else, the magic will show up.
Expanding the magic in your market of life: 
All week long this magic has been showing up for me. At the market and in my sessions and work. Being ourselves and speaking our truth is not easy. We worry what other people will think (even though it doesn’t really matter). When we let go of our worry and our fear and take small imperfect action towards our truth, we step into more shows up.
Thank you to my clients and friends this week who have expanded the magic in their lives and helped me do the same.
When you share about your joys and your triumphs — I am reminded that change and choice is always there for us. When you talk about your fears, doubts and old beliefs — and yet you are making new choices and dreaming for a better you — I am inspired to expand my life even more. When you talk about your dreams, future and desires — my own dreams and infinite possibilities are awakened and affirmed. When the two or three of us gather, fully as ourselves, with all of our gifts and grit — joy, spirit and possibilities show up. And all we have to do is say yes what else is possible?
Welcome to the magic of your own market.
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