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How to live a powerful, fun and free life: a recipe for creating on purpose

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“Amazingly, most people spend more time planning their next vacation than they do planning the rest of their lives” – Dave Ellis, Creating Your Future

Let’s Catch Up: Hi. My name is Christine Ciona. I am a spirit seeker and a soul tenderer. I am deliciously passionate about living an authentic life from the inside out. I may not know what that looks like all the time; but I know how it feels. It feels DAMN GOOD. I have had many careers in my life: babysitter, camp director, lifeguard, minister, counselor, reiki practitioner, drama therapist, access consciousness bars facilitator, public speaker, marriage commissioner, and beyond. And throughout all of it, (often without my awareness), the mission or vision has been the same: to provide space and time for people to tap into their own creativity, joy, purpose and passions – so they too can live an abundant authentic life. This is when I am in flow with my life purpose. This is where JOY lives for me.

Anodea Judith & Lion Goodman speak about life purpose: “Your life purpose is what you do most naturally when you are operating from your highest virtues, values and aspirations – your True Self. It reflects your innate gifts, develops them, and lets them shine.”

Here’s the Trick: Most of us are “THINKING” our lives into action – with “to-do” lists, and holding thoughts and belief systems of judgment, guilt and blame. THINKING CAN BE EXHAUSTING. What if I CHOSE to BE my LIFE instead? What would BEING my LIFE look like and feel like, compared to DOING MY LIFE?

BEING MY LIFE feels POWERFUL, FUN AND FREE. Being My Life invites creativity and possibility.

Many clients come to me wanting to FEEL HAPPIER, FIND BALANCE and to GET UNSTUCK. They don’t know what to do next or how to get out of the TRAUMA and DRAMA of their lives. They forget they are powerful beyond measure and can CHOOSE how they BE.

How to Live Your Life and Create on Purpose:
1.    Follow the Feeling & Lightness: ONLY DO WHAT FEELS GOOD. Pleasure pleases us. When we makes choices based on what feels yummy, delicious, good, easy and light we can expand. When we expand more possibilities show up for us. (Note: this doesn’t mean eating a bucket of KFC all to yourself, or drinking like a fish till you fall over. That is NOT about feeling good – that is about “numbing out our lives”). Follow the energy of lightness and fun and watch the magic show up in your life. 

2.    Meditate: SLOW DOWN AND BE STILL. Most of us get validated for being super busy and rushing around doing 101 different things. What if we were seen for those moments of stillness, silence and space that we create in our life? How much magic could show up then? LET GO OF YOUR FEAR OF STILLNESS AND DO IT ANYWAY. YOUR BODY, MIND, HEART AND SOUL KNOW THAT SLOWING DOWN AND BEING STILL IS GOOD MEDICINE FOR YOU. When we meditate we come to know ourselves, remember our life purpose, and see the possibilities for manifesting our lives. 

3.    Ask for What You Want: remember that great quote: “Ask and you shall receive”. What if that was true? What would happen if we asked for what we wanted? (And I’m not talking about asking for the fancy car or brand new jeans). How would my life expand if I asked for HELP, SUPPORT and GUIDANCE? How many of us believe that we need to “do it” ourselves and that asking for help is a sign of weakness. Anywhere in our lives, thoughts and minds where we have taken the belief that asking for what we want is selfish, or asking for help and support is a sign of weakness – let’s destroy that thought and throw it out the window. Asking for What You Want makes your dreams and desires real. Asking for help, support and guidance invites the universe to show up and support you in ways you could never imagine possible. 

You always have a choice:  These words are just a point of view. If they have moved and stirred you – NOW WHAT? You always have a choice. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR LIVING YOUR LIFE. So how will you live your life today? What will you choose? How will you invite magic into your life? How do you live a powerful, fun and free life? What keeps you stuck? How do you create a life of purpose? I would love to hear from you. Head on over to my blog and drop me a line. Let’s keep the joy conversation going.

Shine On

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