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Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation looking after the details of many projects

Written by  Sean Finell
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 Jim Dekowny (Foundation) and Mark Plewis (Standard Motors) standing near donated furniture. Jim Dekowny (Foundation) and Mark Plewis (Standard Motors) standing near donated furniture.

In a year where there are some big projects coming to a close, underway, or about to start, it is possible there will be some things that may need attention and yet not be high profile on our radar.

Take for example the furniture in the sitting areas of the North and West Medical — Surgical  wards of the Cypress Regional Hospital
The Cypress Regional Hospital opened its doors in 2007. At that time, there were many businesses and individuals who contributed money to help provide what was necessary. 
The patient/family sitting areas at the end of the wards were provided by the Pioneer Co-op (north) and Standard Motors (west). It is a small item perhaps, but one that has been used extensively. If you have ever had a loved one in the hospital and were visiting with young children, chances are you have used these sitting areas. Or perhaps you had several people visiting a patient at the same time and needed a bit more room for everyone to sit comfortably. Maybe you needed a quiet spot to step away for a moment and collect your thoughts. Whatever the reasons for use, in the past eight years, the furniture has been used extensively and was beginning to wear out.
Early this year, a Pioneer Co-op Board member was in one of these sitting areas and noticed the furniture was showing signs of this use. Having sponsored the furniture initially, the Pioneer Co-op contacted the Foundation and expressed an interest in replacing the old with new. Standard Motors who sponsored the other area was quick to join in and lend their support when the idea was discussed with them.
As a result of the generosity of these two businesses, and their commitment to health care and the citizens of southwest Saskatchewan, new furniture has now been placed, providing comfort for patients and their visitors for many years to come.
When support is asked for in projects big and small, quite often there is someone who can help, and is willing to help. When you have a situation where not only support is given, but an ongoing dedication to maintain what is needed it is an extra special gift. The truth is that all of the wonderful shiny, new, exciting purchases that your donations allow the Foundation to fund, will eventually need to be replaced. When those days come, we hope that you will once again help us to provide what is needed. We appreciate your support in keeping health care strong in southwest Saskatchewan.
(Sean Finell is the Special Events/Public Relations Co-ordinator for the Dr Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation.)

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