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The departure lounge of life: bring your own GPS

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It is Friday. I am sitting in the Regina Airport waiting for my flight to Winnipeg, where I will be teaching a weekend course).


Rather than tell you about the class I am teaching, I want to tell you about the airport adventures taking place.
We are all waiting for our flights. Currently I am waiting at Gate D (“for Deliciousness’). I look around and I see a great array of people – all trying NOT to be in relationship with each other – yet we are connected, as in a few short minutes we will be sitting shoulder to shoulder next to each other on our flights.
Let me introduce you to a few of the characters I see:
The Weekend Intellect – a 60-something gentleman, with a bottled water by his side, is wearing sharp black glasses and has a black carry-on tote. He is reading “Novak Djokovic – The Sporting Statesman and the Rise of Serbia”. A heavy hardcover book.
University Traveler & Flip Flop Warrior – a 30-something gentleman working on his Apple Computer (which is decorated with ‘’ stickers on its cover). He is wearing flip flops and casual knee high shorts. By his feet rests an Underarmour messenger bag.
Denim Pant Talker Babe  - a 50-something woman with earbuds in place. She is on her cell phone,  “talking and walking” throughout the waiting area.  She walks from departure gate A to departure gate E, past the convenient store, past the Executive Lounge, and back again. She walks quickly and purposeful. Her voice is strong. Every passenger waiting in the departure lounge is privy to a small portion of her call. I find her quite entertaining. It is a long call. She makes 4 loops of the airport. Everyone giggles and smiles and now looks up away from their books, their phones, their laptops and engages indirectly with this “walking and talking Denim Pant Talker Babe”.
The Extraverted-Joy-Guru (hint: that’s me) – a 40-something diva with laptop on her lap; watching, writing, and being present to this little “ant-colony” of an experience in the Regina Airport.
All our bags are packed, carry-ons in hand, and we are ready to go. All of these “strangers” with nothing in common share this moment. Right now we are all “in transit” trying to get somewhere. Some want to arrive and be “at home”. Others want an escape from where they are. Others want to be someone other than they are.
Who do you want to be? I know this may sound like a bizarre question but ask that question to your heart. You make choices every single day. You choose what you wear, what you eat, the thoughts you think, the words you speak, the actions you take. You choose what you believe is possible or isn’t possible.
What if you could choose ‘who you wanted to be’? I truly believe you can and that this is possible. You do not need to know how it is possible. You just need to believe that it is is possible. And then take one small imperfect action every day to get closer to your dreams.
I believe that my joy can change the planet. I am not sure how that will happen, but I believe that it is possible. By saying ‘yes’, to my heart song and my passion for joy incredible things have shown up in my life – like this offering to teach my Soul Jam Collective in Winnipeg.
What if we were our own GPS unit? What if we let the energy of our dreams and desires guide our actions? What if we packed our bags full of possibility rather than lugged around doubt, guilt or shame.
You can wait in the departure lounge of life forever. Or you can board your own plane and arrive ready for your amazing life adventure. Leave your baggage at home. Only pack your dreams, hopes and desires. And watch the magic of possibility unfold.
They have just called us to board our flight. I hope I get to sit beside the Denim Pant Talker Babe – I can’t wait to find out what brings her joy and learn more about her amazing life. Perhaps we are more in common than we know. (I am also relieved that they make us turn off our cell phones in flight).
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