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How to let go and live from a place of celebration

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My parents will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in May. That freakin’ blows my mind.

Commitment and dedication are words that pop into my head. Flexibility and Flow soon follow.
They have witnessed each other’s lives. They have emerged before each other – sometimes like a flower, petal by petal – other times like an immediate full on spring rain.
The longest relationship that I’ve had was 4 plus years. (Note: I look forward to breaking that record). Unless of course, I consider my relationship with my dog. Hee hee, my dog and I are now going on almost 6 years and it’s working out great. Some of my most intimate relationships were the shorter ones; the passionate-I-can-see-right-through-you-and-love-you-anyway-ones. But there is something unique about the relationships that expand time. The relationships between two people, where you see each other age, grow up, grow old, and grow into and with the other.
This could be found in best friends, or between a couple. This could be my mom and dad.
Yes, 50 years is a feat – and a recognition and celebration will be had. But why wait? Hell, celebrate the one-day, one week, one month, one year, or fifty years NOW. Don’t wait to celebrate your accomplishments. We deserve to celebrate our lives every single day.
I live each day from a place of Celebration!
It is easy to get caught up in the heavy or weightiness of our days. Debt, Financial Fears, Love Lost, Love Found, Hurt, Rejection, Broken Hearts, Hearts Wide Open, New Jobs, New Beginnings, New Birth, New Life, Loss of Life, What ifs, Wonderings and Dreamings. This life is a crazy awesome journey and we need to recognize it as such and celebrate always.
I Celebrate My Small Imperfect Actions! I LOVE ANYWAY! I LOVE MORE!
Perhaps my parents have made it 50 years, because they celebrated the small stuff together. Perhaps they were simply lucky. Perhaps it was a bit of magic with a dash of acceptance and appreciation of the other. Or all of the above.
I remember attending a wedding in Los Angeles with my boyfriend at the time – now ex, and the Hollywood-Full-On Minister shared the 4-A’s of relationships. I was struck by how true they were and how they pertained to my life and my relationships – intimate and otherwise.
Here they are for you, as a sacred offering for your hearts:  for the loves that you are in, for the wide open hearts, for the protected and bound hearts, for the confused, lonely, passionate, persistent, and all in between hearts.
1.Acceptance: I accept myself exactly as I am. I accept my partner exactly as they are. We may not think the same, do the same, or feel the same – and that is ok. I accept that we can all have different points of view. I cannot change my partner. I cannot change my friends. I am responsible for myself 100%. I accept myself and take responsibility for my life, for my choices and my feelings.
2. Appreciation: I appreciate myself exactly as I am. The more I appreciate myself, the more I can share of myself and appreciate others. I show my appreciation for others in creative loving ways. I give words of appreciation to others and myself every day.
3. Attention: I pay attention to what I need, to how I feel, and to my thoughts. I make time for myself in my life. I make time for others in my life – especially those who fill my heart and accept me for who I am. Sharing quality time and paying attention to myself and others matters.
4. Affection: I love myself exactly as I am. I take time to honor and love my body and receive affection. Whether it be a hug, a snuggle, a touch, or a compliment. I know that affection matters and I am open to giving and receiving affection and love.
Love is here. Love is all around us, in us and through us – even when we don’t see it. Celebrate the small stuff. Recognize your imperfect loves. Celebrate your small imperfect actions. And LOVE MORE!
And to my parents, I thank you for sharing your love with me and letting me watch you grow together in your love. LOVE ON!!!

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