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A love poem: my heart speaks the romantic language of love

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Here’s the truth: I love “love”. I am a full-blown romantic.

I watched Pretty Woman multiple times and always ended up with joy-filled tears running down my face. Especially in the final scene where Richard Gere climbs up the fire escape stairs to be “rescued right back” by Julia Roberts. Love it. I am full on. I am full in.
As a child, I would pick wild flowers on Oman Hill and petal by petal pull them, speaking “he loves me”, “he loves me not”. If the last petal pulled was “he loves me not”, I would seek another flower to tell me the truth that I knew deep inside: “that I was loved and that he loved me”. A giggle would emerge from my belly and I would skip and dance in dreamland all the way home. Love it. I am full on. I am full in.
In honour of Valentine’s Day, here are a few of my love confessionals. So get comfy. It is just you and me sitting here, with our coffees in hand, or glasses of red wine perhaps, and delicious dark chocolate melting in our mouths. Breathe it in friends. A heart-to-heart sharing of love stories from me to you. May they inspire you to reach out and love — even more — even still — full on.
Held by my mother on the blue-green fuzzy rocking chair. Held until the tears stopped. Until our heart beats merged. Until I could feel her breath on my neck. Until I could smell her rose and vanilla and yummy mommy I love you forever smell. Held. Safe. Good. Right. Loved.
Held by my sister, hand in hand, on our way to school. I squeeze her hand tight. “Don’t let me go”, my hand says to hers. Her hand feels this and knows to squeeze right back. We talk about other things but I am only listening to her hand in mine: “I feel you. I see you. I know you are scared. I am your sister. I love you. I’ve got your back. I will walk with you to school. Then we will let go and pretend this never happened”. But my hand knows. My heart knows. And I remember. Held. Safe. Good. Right. Loved.
Held by my Baba, in her feather-down-quilt-covered bed, as my sister and I are tucked in for the night. Baba in the middle, snuggling with both of us as we lie in the dark and her words — like comets in the night sky — brighten up the dark night. Baba’s voice lulls us into “never-never-land”. She shares stories of far away places and magic bunnies. The dark is beautiful here in this bed as the quilt presses me in tight. Held. Safe. Good. Right. Loved.
I thought I loved him. I didn’t. I said “yes”. I could have said “no”.
I thought I loved him. I did. I said “no”. I could have said “yes”.
Words in my head judge it all and clutter my heart. Doors close. Froze tight in the winter night. Locked up. “Thou shall not pass,” says my fear. My heart longs for sunshine.
I burn. I smudge. I sweat. I pray. I eat. I love. I open. I receive. I remember sunshine.
Held. Safe. Good. Right. Loved.
I ask for what I long for.
He says “yes”. I say “yes”. I let him hold me. And I remember that it is safe to love. Held. Safe. Good. Right. Loved. And I am more love than I know.
I Love myself more than I know.
I am to be the love that I desire.
I forgive. I release. I surrender. I allow love to expand even brighter in my life. I accept.I appreciate. I tend to my heart. Petal by petal.I open. Not even the rain has such small hands. Held. Safe. Good. Right. Loved. 
My invitation: Forgive them. Forgive yourself. Love them. Love yourself. Let go of the clutter. Surrender to the wind. Wide open love. Love yourself first. Expand more. You are braver than you seem. You are stronger than you know. Love is calling — from deep within your gut and heart and soul and bones. “love me” says your soul. Say “yes”. Love yourself. Full on. Full in. Love.
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