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Tuesday, 23 December 2014 12:31

Bye bye resolutions ... hello revolution

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The hustle and bustle of the holidays is over.

Great conversations with good people and fabulous food. Music concerts. Christmas pageants. Roaring fires. Still nights. Opening gifts. Giving and receiving love. All is great, wonderful and overwhelming. And let me guess ... You are full and spent and exhausted. (“Sigh”). Happy and tired all at the same time. Then New Year’s shows up and we do it all again. (“Sigh”).
Now comes the new year resolutions and guilt trips of dieting, eating, being different, being better, being less of this and more of that.
 “This year will be different,” we say. This year I will eat less. Buy less. Share more. Do less. Dream more. Yet, how do we manifest those dreams and visions into reality?
We are such creatures of habit. How many of us stick to our new year’s resolutions anyway? What if we let them go? What if instead of new year’s resolutions we made an “inner revolution” to truly be the change we so desire in ourselves. What if we stopped talking about our lives and started living them?
Get off the talk train people and get on the joy train. If you want to feel different… then be different. The only way to get where you want to go is to be the destination. Stop talking about how you’d like to be living your life. Start living the life you desire right now.
I let go of new year’s resolutions along time ago. I feel they are full of guilt and self-judging. I would rather live in the land of self-acceptance and self-expansion.
This is my new year’s tradition: I review my year and look back on 2014. I get out my daytimer and calendar and truly make time to see where I’ve been, what I’ve experienced, and how these moments brought me to where I am now. Some of these moments were heavy and hard. Some were full of delight and wonder. I have a beautiful bird’s eye view of all that I experienced and moved through. I am no longer the same. Throughout 2014 I have experienced great change, learning and growth. I have let people love me. I have allowed myself to be held and receive love. I have held others in return. I have let go of some crazy judgments that I held. I stood in my power and made clear boundaries in my work and life relationships. I tried new things. Some were a great success. Some were a total flop. And I am OK. I have made oodles of choices that have all taken me to this very moment right now.
And now what? I send my gratitude to 2014 and the year that was. Then I launch myself forward like a shooting star into the infinite possibilities of my 2015 journey and beyond. I make time to dream my life forward into the mystery of 2015. I plant new seeds and set new goals — and I make them clear and specific. This is my life baby and I am going to live it with great clarity and intention. And I am dreaming big my friends. I will share my revolutionary responsibility in my upcoming articles. Just you wait and see what this joy guru is manifesting. (Whoop whoop).
Remember, you are responsible for your life and all your thoughts, feelings and actions in it. How will you step into revolution responsibility for your life in 2015?
My invitation: Step into revolutionary responsibility for your life. Be brave. Make time for you. Be bold. Set dreams for yourself. Be ready. Take action and schedule in concrete actions to make those dreams a reality. Then get ready for the joy train to show up and your 2015 year to expand into even more infinite possibilities of joy and abundance for you. You are worth it. The year 2015 is ready to greet you. Are you ready to step into living it? All aboard. Full steam ahead. See you on the joy train, friends.
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