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MY BIRTHDAY WEEK ADVENTURES: the power of giving and receiving of the heart

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I celebrated my birthday the first week of November. It has been a practice of mine to give back and share during my birthday week; to all who have loved me and touched my life.


In my world, that is everyone. I truly believe we are all connected on this great planet of ours and on my “birthday week” I intentionally give back and share.

Throughout the week I held the vibration and intention of GIVING throughout all of my activities, engagements, commitments and thoughts. An incredible thing happened: when I invited the PRACTICE OF GIVING to enter my day and guide my daily experiences, I RECEIVED GREAT BLESSINGS and INSIGHTS from all of those I was in relationship with.

My week of giving created a week of receiving great connections to community, to joy, to hope, to passion, to change, to honesty, and to this amazing life. So here are the adventures of my birthday week and the different gifts I / We received as I entered the week of GIVING to others.

MONDAY: teaching Zumba to a group of special needs students. All dancing, moving and grooving in their own way. Smiling and celebrating their uniqueness. Unwavering Joy exudes from their bodies with every step, clap and jump. They inspire the adults in the room to dance fully. We felt alive. The Gift of Play and Joy in Motion.

TUESDAY: facilitating a Free2BGirlz Group for teen girls. We watch a YouTube video about bullying and peer pressure. I ask the girls “What if your kindness was medicine to bullying? Their creative juices started flowing. They want to create a video about how “everyone matters” and how to “let your colors shine”. Before I knew it we had a plot, storyline, characters and scenes developing. All with the power of hope and kindness in the face of adversity and challenge. We felt creative and free. The Gift of Passion for Change.

WEDNESDAY: in a meditation circle at KIVA we gathered for stillness and peace. Joining us were two children and their parents. The youngest boy was around 8 years old and full of energy. He sat in the circle engaged and wide-eyed ready to breath and centre. Moments where I guided people to “breathe and focus on their breath”, I could hear this little boy’s body fill up with air with great passion and gusto. The blessing for me occurred at the end of our circle when we passed the talking piece (a Tibetan singing bowl). Each person in the circle holds the bowl, can speak their truth (outloud or in their heart), and then ring the bowl to affirm their sharings. It was the small boy’s turn. He held the singing bowl in his hand. He took a breath. “I am happy because I felt that angels are all around me. I will try harder to be like an angel”. We felt blessed. The Gift of Honesty and Speaking Our Truth.

THURSDAY: In a private counseling & life coaching session, I am inspired by a man’s bravery to overcome his wounded past and embrace his dynamic limitless future. As he shares his story with me and I am reminded of my own. I remember my own journey; where I came from and where I’ve been, where I am now, and where I desire to be in my future. We feel valued. The Gift of Story, Connection and Vulnerability.

FRIDAY: I am teaching a Zumba Fitness class to residents at The Bentley. In many ways it is a room full of great grand mothers. Most of them a healthy 70, 80 and 90 years old. One of the students is over 100 years old. They smile and shimmy. They tap, step, reach, move, and awaken to the day. At the end of the class, they all have a sparkle in their eye. “You pooped me out”, one woman says… “but I’ll be back next week”. Another shares “you just gotta keep on dancing”. We felt alive. The Gift of Living this One Amazing Life. 

My birthday week was not about me receiving gifts, things or stuff. My birthday week was an intentional offering of my heart to others – through smiles, dance, listening, giving, sharing, stillness and authentic presence. My birthday week awakened the Gift of Giving and Receiving. The more we give and receive, the more alive and connected we feel.

My invitation: What if every week was a birthday week and a celebration of giving and receiving – not of things, but of the heart? Oh what magic would be possible for all of us?

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Written by: Christine Ciona

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