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Let’s talk about love baby! I dare ya!

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All week long I have been flooded with stories about love, passion & desire. Friends and clients sharing beautiful delicious stories with me about their dreams for the future, for relationships, for purpose.

I led a funeral this week and heard stories of how a man shared his life by giving love to everyone he met; strangers, friends, and family. Through his loving we learned that we mattered and were inspired to love more.
I talked with a friend and heard him say how he wants his life and his work to inspire people. He talked about  love . He talked about wanting to feel ALIVE. He dreams of having a life where his work inspires people and makes a difference. Inspiration comes from  love . Inspiration definition: “the drawing in of breath”, “the divine influence calling you into action”, and to be “in spirit”.
Then within these love stories was another storyline: FEAR. That’s when the dreaming stopped. When the light changed in their eyes. When things became heavy and impossible. Fear squishes dreams. Fear stomps imagination and possibility. Fear holds us back in the past and limits us from our future.
Fear makes it hard to love.
Fear traps us in our thoughts of “doom and gloom” and we are stuck in “inactivity” and mind worry.
Does this sound familiar? What if they don’t like me? What if I’m rejected? I’m not good enough, smart enough, thin enough, rich enough, or tough enough. I’m not enough. Are you not going to love me anymore? Are you going to leave me? Is this going to hurt? What if this is too hard? What if it doesn’t work?
We are afraid of so many things: rejection, loneliness, failure.
What if Fear was just a Feeling and NOT a FACT.
If fear was just a feeling:  I would choose a different feeling. I wouldn’t accept fear as fact or truth. I wouldn’t be stuck in the land of inactivity and worry. I wouldn’t’ believe that “this is just the way it is and put up with it”.
If fear was just a feeling: I would choose joy. I would make a different choice.  I would explore my fear and play with it, rather than let it control me. And I would wonder what I could learn from my fear. I would love in the face of fear.
The Remedy to Fear:  love .  Love  RULES. LOVE KICKS FEAR IN THE ASS.
Love and Fear. They are like the sun and moon. Always connected and shining light on and impacting the other.
Through my dance with Love and Fear I have learned many things. I love love. I share my love through my smile. And I can feel it pour through my eyes when I look at someone that I love; someone that inspires me and wakes up my soul. I feel most alive when I am sharing my love with others; when I am vulnerable and open and honest and raw and playful and silly and beautiful and wild and free and fierce and strong and sensitive. And when I am all of these things, they stay. They do not leave or walk away. But watch my love burst forth from me with great wonder and surprise.
And yet, I too have put love aside and lived in the land of fear and what ifs and worries. Afraid he wouldn’t love me. I was afraid he would judge me, laugh at me and my heart exposed open would dry up and die. I stayed anonymous and let fear win. (add a dash of regret)
I once was AFRAID that my true feelings of anger, fear, rage, guilt, shame and blame if truly shared with the ones I loved, that it would kill them and they would die up on the spot and turn into dust. So I said nothing and let fear win. (add another dash of regret)
When we open ourselves to love we open ourselves up to great Change and Transformation.
Now I choose love and joy. Now I try to be aware of when fear is present in my life and where it shows up in my body. Now I can choose what I do about it rather than stay stuck within it.
I am on a path of self-discipline to  love  even in the face of pain and fear.
To hear more of how I  love  in the face of pain and fear, read my full blog post @
My invitation: What are you afraid of? What holds you back from loving more? How would self-discipline and a commitment to love shape-shift your life? I want to hear from you. Drop me a line or pop on over to facebook/KIVAsacredstudio and tell me more.
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