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"I am responsible" was the theme from conferecne

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I am RESPONSIBLE FOR MY LIFE. How Freedom & Fierce Focused Emerged in 5 Days.

I just returned from five days in the United States where I gathered for “The Freedom Immersion”.
This was an intimate, mastermind-style weekend, (with Kate Northrup and Mike Watts), where we dove deep into all things freedom: emotional, spiritual, and financial. Maine was GORGEOUS. The event was FABULOUS. I was TRANSFORMED. I walked away with incredible clarity about my life and where I wanted it to go. I have the tools, strategies, mindset, and a rockin’ awesome plan to create true freedom in every area of my life.

FREEDOM AND FIERCE FOCUSED EMERGED IN 5 DAYS. HELLO JOY TRAIN. I wanted to share with you some pivotal moments and experiences I had at “The Freedom Immersion”, with the hope that my story and these words can support you along your journey to freedom as well.

It began with a feeling: I DESIRE TO FEEL MORE BALANCE AND CLARITY. I AM BEING CALLED INTO ACTION AND CALLED INTO PRESENCE. I know that to awaken these passions and dreams I have for my life, my work, and my future, I need persistence, movement, motivation, vision and passion. Otherwise all I am is “to-do” lists, doing, going here, running there, and “being” nowhere.

It started at a dinner table…We shared stories of who we were, where we were from, what we did, and underneath it all we heard stories of people’s dreams, fears and desires. We wondered and talked about things like this: 1. What does BALANCE look like in my life? 2. What am I going to do that is going to make me even happier? 3. How can I take the stress out of work? 4. How can I get more time in my life?  5. What is holding me back from being where I want to be?

It continued on the dance floor… The transformational “knock-down” for me happened early morning when I experienced a body-movement-fitness class with Patricia Moreno called IntenSati. THIS CLASS TRANSFORMED MY LIFE AND I CONTINUE TO FEEL THE RIPPLE EFFECTS FROM PATRICIA’S TEACHINGS. IntenSati is a transformational workout that not only made me sweat my butt off, but motivated me to live a life I love in a body I love NOW. (Whoop whoop and a cha cha cha). It is a body, mind and spirit practice that combines empowering affirmations with interval training, martial arts, dance and yoga.

During the IntenSati Class, my body was working hard and my heart was pumping. As we were sweating and pushing our bodies, Patricia would give us affirmations to speak, shout, and chant out. It was no longer just a workout. These words that she was speaking and inviting us to say, were words that my heart longed for. It was as if my body and heart were singing a chorus for my mind to hear, with the hopes that my mind would listen and make a change. Words like: I AM POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE. I AM STRONGER THAN I KNOW. I AM BRAVER THAN I SEEM. I AM BLESSED WITH ALL I NEED. I AM PASSIONATELY CREATING. ALL I NEED IS WITHIN ME NOW.

“DAMN THIS CHICK IS GOOD”, I thought. The bounty of learning, growth and invitation to change continued throughout the weekend. More presentations. More sharings. More dance floor moments. The key nuggets for me resonated deep within my soul and I knew they were true.

1.I am responsible for the words that I choose and the story I speak.
2.I am responsible for the actions I choose and the choices I make.
3.I am responsible for the feelings I choose and the emotions I express.
4.I am responsible for the life that I have created.

SO WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? I AM GOING TO LIVE WITH INTEGRITY AND BUILD MY INTEGRITY MUSCLE. I am responsible for this incredible life I am creating – no one else. So I am going to LIVE IT with as much SELF-AWARENESS, INTEGRITY, and SELF-DISCIPLINE that I can muster. As Patricia Moreno so eloquently shared: “You have to master yourself if you want to change”.

It continues within me now!!! I am making intentional choices for intentional change in my life. My cell phone is off at night and I don’t check my emails first thing in the morning. I go to bed early so I can wake up early. I meditate every morning. I walk my dog every morning. I intentionally try to say “NO” to something everyday; to create more space and time for myself and my heart. I say “YES” to projects and invitations that make me feel JOY and take me closer to my goals and dreams. And much much more.

My invitation: Spend some time this week truly reflecting on the choices you make and if they are in alignment with your core values. Are you making choices that make others feel good? Or make you feel good? Repeat this mantra daily for the next 7 days and see what joy and blessings arrive: I AM POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE. I AM STRONGER THAN I KNOW. I AM BRAVER THAN I SEEM. I AM BLESSED WITH ALL I NEED.

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