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How stillness transforms and expands

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There is something terrifying about stillness.
I sit in a women’s spirit circle (many moons ago–at First United Church), and we are guided in meditation, we are guided in stillness, we are invited to “go within and listen to our hearts”.


There is a part of me that craves the stillness – desires the space found within silence.

And yet I am afraid.
“What will happen to me when I slow down?”

“What will happen when I listen to my heart and hear the voice from my inner knowing?”

“What will God say?”
I have a conversation with myself.
My ego and my heart talk to each other .

My head and my heart speak.
It goes something like this…

Mind: “This will change me.

“This is scary.”

Heart: “This is what you need.
Be still and know that I am God almighty.
I will be with you in the stillness of your soul.”

Mind: “Don’t be still Christine. Don’t slow down. Don’t listen. Just go and do and get stuff done. You don’t need stillness.”

Heart: “Yes I do.”
Mind: “But you will change.”

Heart: “Yes I will.”

Mind: “But who will you be then?”
Heart: “I don’t know.”
Mind: “It is unfamiliar territory – it is a brand new landscape. I am afraid.”

Heart: “Fear is a sign of transformation. Stillness is good medicine.”
“Just breathe. Breath is your medicine. God wants you to transform through stillness.”

I am crying now – as I do when I touch a deep inner truth and knowing. Yes, stillness is medicine. Yes, breath is medicine. And YES YES YES being still has changed my life. For those of you who know me, I am definitely a “go-­‐getter” diva full of dreams and desires. I take action and surrender the results. I can generate ideas and create projects
and dynamic programs and pathways with ease and grace. I feed off of sharing my light and inspiring others. This all takes action and energy and is an “out-­‐dwelling” experience.

What you may not know is how I spend my downtime. What does the energizer bunny do to replenish, recharge and renew?

Stillness is my medicine. It centers me to my core. It grounds me in my heart and inner truth. It helps me to let go of projects and to-­‐do lists, and embrace my heart and my “to-­‐BE” list.

Stillness has been a challenging process for me as I am very good at action. Yet,when I am still incredible clarity, abundance and transformation results. Stillness is an “in-­‐dwelling” experience.
When was the last time you had an “in-­‐dwelling” experience. I bet most of you give more than you receive. I imagine you offering to help and take care of others first, before you tend to yourself.

I imagine that you too are good at being busy and in action, and at times feel depleted, tired
and in deep need of rest.

Stillness is powerful medicine.
Balance in life involves both “in-­‐dwelling” and “out-­‐dwelling” experiences. Not one or the other, but both.
Jesus and Buddha both went into the wilderness for 40 days for times of stillness and in-­‐dwelling moments.

They spent time alone, with their heart, with their centre, with their truth and their god.

They gained great clarity and wisdom and were transformed in the process.

Jesus and Buddha also went out and shared their teachings and offerings with the world
– through incredibly powerful and heart-­‐centered “out-­‐dwelling” experiences.
We are both in-­‐dwelling and out-­‐dwelling people.
We need the action and the community.
We need the stillness and the quiet centre.
There is something comforting about stillness.

Eyes closed.



Stillness emerges into my mind and my body.
My breath changes.
It slows down.
I feel my body in the chair.
My mind clears.
My heart opens.
I listen.

My body softens.

I am breathing.

Stillness abounds.
It feels good here.

To be still, to be silent, to simply breath and enter the unknown landscape of stillness.

My invitation: invite stillness into your day through these 5 simple steps:

1) Schedule it in. Find 10 minutes in your day to be still. No kids. No dogs. No cell phone.

2). Unplug. Turn off all devices and authentically be present to your day. (Schedule that in too).

3). Breathe. Begin your meditation practice by simply focusing on your breath and being still.

4). Listen. Don’t talk. Don’t answer. Simply listen more – to yourself and to others.

5). Meditate & Set Your Intention. Before you begin meditation, ask yourself what you desire in your practice. Set your intention and allow those 5 or 10 minutes of meditation to be themedicine
you need.
Whether it be stillness, peace, clarity, joy, renewal or something else you long for.

Setting intention deepens your meditation journey.

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