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How big rains bring emotional flooding and space clearing

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It is the end of June and my body and mind feel like it is still in February. What a wild crazy fast and furious ride this past six months has been.

Let’s recap: January — bring in the New Year and set intention for abundant joy filled year of gratitude and bliss. February — love is in the air and the Chinese zodiac year of the horse begins. March — my body is excited to dream about spring and move my dreams forward. April — snow still fills my yard, wondering where the sun is. May — it is still cold, snow, rain, cloud, even my dreams are wet. June — storm watches, more rain, my grass has overtaken my yard. It is too wet to mow. I live in a wet jungle, socked in and swamped down. I desire the sun to burn off my dampness and heat to inspire me into action once again. Feeling empathy for Noah — on his big ark full of lots of animals and people stuck together grumbling and wondering about the sun and when will the rains stop — what happens then?
Rain. Snow. Sleet. Hail. Water. Moisture. Thirst. Wet. Hydrate. Shower. Feed. Nourish. Flood. Drip. Stream. Soak. Pour. Trickle. Gush. Mist. Current. River. Flow.
Water is persistent. Over time it can carve a pathway through rock and stone. It can come in a flood and destroy in an instant. It can trickle, drip by drip and erode what lays before it.
My great teacher and guide Denise Linn (a Cherokee woman, teacher and world-acclaimed expert in feng shui and space clearing) has shared with me her understanding of water and how water connects with us emotionally. Water can also bring emotional clearing and cleansing.
Traditionally, water represents the emotional aspect of self. We have a primal connection to water, since the beginning of our lives and the beginning of life on earth. We begin life in water and we are universally drawn to its soothing, healing, and joy-giving qualities.
And yet when it rains and rains and rains, what happens? Emotions emerge and arise. The past few weeks I connected with friends and heard similar stories of transformation, transition, change, searching, seeking and confusion. Not sure what decision to make? If I choose “A” then… If I choose “B” then... What if this? What if that? It is as if the earth beneath our feet is not solid and we are not grounded. The state of transformation has begun.
Just like water transforms the earth, so it can transform the emotions of our lives and the emotions we hold in our bodies. If you too feel confused? Bogged down? Socked in? Misted up? Not sure what decision to make but feeling something must be done?
Then use water to help you. Water can be your emotional medicine to help release fears, stress, tensions and resistance.
What if we allowed water to be our medicine and see the big rains and the socked in dampness as an opportunity to release the feelings that no longer serve us and to step forward into newness?
What does water arise and bring forth within you? What is water releasing in you? Like a giant flood, water can clean our streets, but what if we allowed the water to clean our emotional lives as well. Letting the floods and rains take away our hurts and make us new, or easily flow into newness and stand on new ground. Notice how each encounter with water affects you. Whether it be the rain, the water you drink, your morning showers, doing the dishes, etc. Water is all around and calling us to connect to our feelings and our lives. Water demands us to clear and clean up.
The next glass of water you drink, drink it slowly, with intention, feel it cool and refresh you, feel it on your palate and in your belly, and imagine you are drinking up all the goodness and love that you deserve and desire. Drink that up.
That is good water medicine.
My invitation: This week, take time to be aware of the water in your life and how it affects you. Take time to relax especially near or in water. Imagine that you are water. That you are persistent, life giving, gently flowing, like a great sea, or a summer shower.
Activate the Spirit of Water that dwells within you and around you.
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