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Behind the scenes: creating and giving birth to the Mala Meditation Challenge

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Let’s talk about the power of creation. Let’s talk about babies. Let’s talk about giving birth.

No, this is not going to be about sex — we’ll save that for another article.
Yes, this is going to be about creativity, fertility and giving birth to your dreams.
Why? Because our dreams matter and more importantly so many of us are “stuck” in how to step forward into our dreams and how to take action to make them happen.
So, here is your behind the scenes guide to how this happened for me.
Yes, I had a baby my friends. (Hee hee. Keep on reading).
My First Baby was born two years ago: the Mala Meditation 30-Day Challenge — an online meditation program available on my website. My Second Baby was born just this month. This second baby was a long birthing experience. She needed a lot of time to be nurtured, fed, watered and tended to. And now the Mala Meditation Cards & Guidebook is born and ready to meet the world.
How to give birth to your dreams.
1. Be open: listen for the nuggets.
Have an open mind and pay attention to what the universe offers you. I was at Kokopelli’s in The Carmel Mall, having a great conversation with my friend Joanne. We were talking about life, meditation, stillness, business, our hearts and out of that conversation came a “download”  — a word — an invitation: “make an online meditation series so everyone can experience the joy.”
So you get the download — you hear the invitation — now what?
2. Be ready, release your fear, step into possibility.”
I started to dream. Wow, how can I do that? How would that be possible? What would that look like? Sure I can do that. It is happening. And before I left the store, I sent out an email invitation and messaged everyone to say: “The Mala Meditation 30-Day Challenge is coming.” I was taking action.
I didn’t know the path to the destination. But I had a deadline, a commitment to myself, and I was doing this. I was releasing the fears, the hows, and the what ifs. I was steeping into the ‘yes’ of possibility.
3. Be committed; keep creating.
 I knew that for this baby to be born I had to do the work. As I was writing the Mala Meditation 30-Day Challenge, I committed to write every single day. Doing the work involves time, patience, persistence, passion, focus, energy and just damn right doing it.
The biggest reason why dreams don’t happen and people stay stuck is because they give up. They don’t follow through. They don’t do the work. They stop when it gets hard; when they are too tired; when it starts to feel too real. Stay committed to your dreams. See it through.
4. Sending forth. Let it go. Let it be.
Congratulations, you have listened to the nuggets, heard your dreams, been inspired from within. You have scheduled time to nurture, nourish, feed and create. Your baby is here… now what? You have to let it go. When I finished creating both my “babies,” all that was left was releasing, sharing and offering it to others. 
No more tweaking, editing, fine touching, adjusting or rearranging. At some point it is finished and a new journey begins. No baby will learn to walk if it continues to be held and coddled. No dream will learn to fly if it continues to be held back. This is where letting go of control comes in: letting go of expectations and surrendering the results; embracing the process and releasing the product.
The path to the destination is the greatest gift.
My invitation: join me at Kokopelli’s (in the Carmel Mall) on Friday, May 9 at 7 p.m. where I will share my “babies” with you.
Play with the Mala Meditation Cards, Guidebook, and be inspired how to create your own dreams and step into your own abundant life. Free. Oodles of joy for everyone.
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