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How to spring forward and stay grounded

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This past week, I had interesting experiences and encounters that invited me to think about spring; the great season that was finally here, and how I desired to receive it and move through it.

Sunday afternoon: while filling up my car with gas at a local station, the attendant shared with me that people have been lining up to fill their propane tanks. So many propane requests in fact, that they ran out. Everyone was filling up their propane tanks, dusting off their trailers and campers, and gearing up for spring. Even though the snow was still melting on my front lawn, it seemed that barbecue and camping season was here.
Tuesday Morning: dog walking with Bulan and his four-legged friends (Kai and Koda) at the “dog park/baseball diamonds” in town. In this “Spring Awakening” time, the three dogs quickly found the wettest lands to jump, run, play and roll in. Then came the “lake”, which is actually a ditch that collects all the run off and was a delicious play land for Bulan and his dog friends. Amazing joy erupted. They smiled. Their eyes sparkled with delight. Their tongues hung out of their mouths and nearly touched the ground. Their feet danced, leapt and played in the water. In fact, at one moment there was a giant splash party in “the lake” as the dogs jumped back and forth with each other dancing in the water. Awesome. Then to the fields they ran as spring teased them with every step. Bulan ran like the wind. Delight. Joy. Wild abandonment. Freedom.
Wednesday Evening Meditation Circle: together our Wednesday night KIVA meditation circle practised a walking meditation. Ever so slowly, we move from one end of the meditation room to the other. We were invited to slow down, to feel our feet on the earth, and be aware of our breath and our bodies as we slowly moved through the space. We can move through life and our days so quickly that we don’t even know where we are or how we are feeling in the first place. For myself, I noticed the strength in my feet. I felt muscles in my lower back that needed rest. By slowing down I was able to hear a story of my body that I forgot: rest matters, stillness matters, going slow matters. Stillness is powerful. Slowness is medicine.
How spring calls and invites us:
Spring is a time of new beginnings, new adventures and a “return to life.”
We emerge from the darkness and indwelling time of winter — a time of great inner reflection and contemplation. The sun shines on us and we become alive in a new way. Our passions and dreams are reignited and renewed. We are inspired by the sun and this spring season. We wake up early. We awaken. But how will we move into spring?
With clarity and freedom? With action and stillness? With wild abandonment and direction?
Wild abandonment on its own, just gets you one big wet sloppy happy and exhausted puppy dog.
Wild abandonment with direction, on the other hand, brings you intentional awesomeness and incredible inner power. With greater clarity about where you want to go and how you want to feel, it is easier to step into action and make it happen. When we take the time to be still and allow slowness as medicine, we can gain great insight into how we want to move forward into action in our lives.
My invitation to wonder: what do you desire for yourself and your families this spring? How will you invite slowness as medicine in your day? Watch your day unfold like a magic story of action and stillness and see what emerges for you. Lessons and invitations to wonder sacredly about your life can appear in the most interesting ways — from propane tanks to dog dates and meditation circles – we always have a choice of how we see, move and be in our day. What do you notice today? How do you choose to be?
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