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Morning musings and a prayer for divas

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Stories that moved me this week:

SHE’S 24. Seeking. Searching. World is her oyster. Optimistic for life. Desiring adventure and freedom. Feeling powerful and terrified. Moving. Learning. Working. Dreaming. Saving. Being told what to do. What to study. Who to be. How to feel. Big dreams. Big fears. Desiring love. Dating. Playing. Having fun. Exploring. Eyes and heart wide open. Excited and nervous. Feeling her truth. Desiring to see.
SHE’S 32. Focused and clear. Concerned and worried. In a relationship. Feels Good. Feels not so good. Sex could be better. Maybe this is it. Should I stay? Should I go? I’ll stay. I’ll love. Good job. Good family. Good friends. Fun. A bit status quo at times. Am I settling? Is this comfort or comfortable? Career first. Family first. Work hard. Work more. Heart beating. Mind beating. Driven to overdrive. Knowing her truth. Desiring to be seen.
SHE’S 46. Experienced. Professional. Travelled. Seen things. Been places. Has loved. Has lost. Has given birth — to kids, to dreams, to family, to great ideas.
Has a dog. A mortgage. A life. Debt. Two cars. Multiple credit cards. Routine sets in. Dreams set aside. Inside a longing.  Dreams emerging. Remembering the calling. Seeking. Wanting less. Desiring more. Being her truth. Desiring to connect.
At every age. At every stage. We are seekers of truth. We are agents of change. We are powerful beyond measure. At every age we are a story that is moving, growing and being. At every age we are invited to move into our edge and beyond it and to transform ourselves into an even greater flavor of ourselves.
The trick is, it only works if you are out about it, public about it. We can live in a bubble. Keep secrets in our heads and dreams locked in our heart. We can speak our truth or we can smile and nod (like a bobble-head on your car dash board) and be un-involved and un-responsible in our lives. Don’t be a bobble-head!
And then a window opens, a crack appears, a sky opening arrives and air rushes in and there is space to move and breathe. The power of the invitation to trust your intuition and enter the deep story within.
In a video post by Danielle Laporte this week, I was invited to wonder about “what energy am I bringing to creating my life?
Well, here it is: “I fully commit whole heartedly to never give up on my desires, even in the face of adversity and a lot of hard work. I desire to create a life where my work, my passion and my joy — in all the ways I share it with the world — offer inspiration and joy to others. I desire to be a joy-guru for the world and inspire people to shine.” How do I do that? Through invitations like this one: celebrate and explore your story with me. Let’s be authentic seekers and energetic life-makers together.
How can I support you, as you connect with and unveil your story, moving into your sacred power and deep passionate life? I invite you to listen to that song and story and passion within you and sing it, be it, dance it, feel it and share it. Join me at my upcoming six-week Soul Coaching Group @ KIVA (starting Tuesday, April 1). As a commitment to the Prairie Post readers, if you drop me an e-mail and share how this article inspired you and why you desire to “go deeper” and live a life less ordinary, then you will receive a big discount and a “celebrate your story” toolkit.
To all of you, I raise my voice, send you oodles of love and light, and offer this prayer: your story will be the way.  let your story unfold. growing. be alive. live a life less ordinary. dare. dream. do. see what good your gifts can do. imagine yourself becoming a woman who was valued for the love she shared. it’s a whole new undiscovered world of comfort. ready for take off. freedom. optimism. passion. achievement. peace. strength. grace. courage. patience. health. happiness. beauty. simplify your life. amplify your choices. life is for living. how good can you feel. bring it on. Amen. 
For more tips and tools on how to live abundantly from the inside out, please visit me online or join us at KIVA (in the Carmel Mall). You are always welcome.
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