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Weaving a tapestry of love demands vulnerability

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As a private practice counselor, soul coach and abundant living guide, I have the opportunity to witness people along their journeys and to see the threads that weave in and out of their lives.

There is a universal thread that connects us all: we all desire to be loved and to be happy. We all desire relationships and communities that lift us up and make us feel good.
We all desire meaning in our lives.
We are relationship people. Our relationships matter. Our lives matter. Our hearts and souls and dreams matter.
Here’s the catch. We have to BE our own medicine. We have to walk the path that we so desire to be laid out in front of us. And that my friends demands vulnerability. Vulnerability demands courage, compassion and connection. Vulnerability demands being real with yourself. Are you ready?
Brené Brown speaks eloquently about vulnerability. “Vulnerability is not weakness. Our willingness to own and engage with our vulnerability determines the depth of our courage and the clarity of our purpose; the level to which we protect ourselves from being vulnerable is a measure of our fear and disconnection.”
My Vulnerability Reveals A New Storyline
When I was 13-years-old I had childhood cancer. I lived in Swift Current and had three years of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. That experience changed my life and a powerful thread in my storyline. So powerful in fact that it was one of the ways I defined my life and who I was: “Hi, I am Christine — a childhood cancer survivor.”
There came a time however when that storyline; that cancer survivor thread, no longer served me. I was no longer in treatment. I was no longer sick. I was no longer a child and yet still holding this thread. What would happen if I let this thread go? What was I afraid of? Who would I be if I was no longer in the thread and storyline of a childhood cancer survivor?
My vulnerability appeared. If I let go of this thread from my past I would be free. I would be healthy. I would be energetically-open and no longer weighed down by this thread. I can’t change my past but I can change my emotional response and relationship to it. I no longer wanted to be dating my past. I wanted to be dating myself right here and right now. That meant loving myself right here and right now — the abundance goddess and love diva that I am. Whoop-whoop and a cha-cha-cha. Childhood cancer: bye-bye.
When I no longer lived in the thread of my past, new and beautiful threads appeared in my life. Brilliant colours and opportunities for abundant living arrived. Mostly I loved myself more — with all my light and shadow — I loved more!
It is not easy to be vulnerable yet it is necessary for abundant living. Choose your threads and tapestries well. What storylines are you weaving into your life? How does your storyline make you thrive? Does your storyline feel light or heavy? Imagine that you can choose the colours you weave into your tapestry —because you can. What would happen if you allowed the colourful threads of vulnerability, courage, compassion and connection to be revealed in your life? Weaving a tapestry of love demands vulnerability. Be brave. Be vulnerable. Let go of the threads that no longer serve you and embrace the threads that weave even more love into your life. 
So let’s be vulnerable together. Head to my blog and share how vulnerability moves in your life. Invite abundance, joy, light and love into your life by embracing your fears, celebrating your stories and moving beyond the threads that no longer serve you. Love your light and your shadow. Be real. I’ll read every comment and share my own thoughts with you.
For more tips and tools on how to live abundantly from the inside out, visit me online or join us at KIVA (in the Carmel Mall).
You are always welcome.
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