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Do something nice for Random Acts of Kindness Week

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Random Acts of Kindness Week runs from Feb. 10 -16. The goal of the event is to “inspire people to practise kindness and pass it on to others.” In other words, RAK Week is about being kind for the sake of being kind. 

There are many ways to spread kindness. Some examples would be to send a long-lost friend a care package, help a stranger change a flat tire, buy snacks for everyone at work or volunteer at a local charity. These are just a few suggestions, the sky’s the limit and there’s no need to limit yourself to people, you can also be kind to animals or the environment.
Not long ago, a young woman told me about a good deed that could’ve taken place during RAK Week, but didn’t. We’ll call her Alyssa because she wants her thoughtful gesture to remain anonymous. Alyssa has soft green eyes and a warm, friendly smile that mirrors the kindness of her random act.
She was 17 at the time, still in high school, but living on her own and supporting herself by working two jobs. Alyssa was driving home after work and saw a woman sitting on a bench.
“She had a sign that said she was trying to get back to Regina,” explained Alyssa who guesses the woman was at least in her 60s, but it was hard to tell because she looked rough.
The lady was wearing a lot of clothes and seemed to be down on her luck.
“I remember thinking how many people must have driven past her that day and not done anything,” said Alyssa. “I just kept driving and I drove straight down to the Greyhound and I bought her a ticket.”
Feeling self-conscious about the sports car she was driving — a gift from her parents — Alyssa parked far away to conceal her vehicle. Then she approached the woman and gave her the ticket along with an extra $10 so she could take public transit to the Greyhound station.
“I remember she gave me a hug and she smiled.
The look in her eye really had an affect on me,” Alyssa shared. “She didn’t really say much, but you could see in her face that she was kinda taken aback by it. It made me feel really good that I helped her and she really didn’t have to say much.”
“It was totally random, it was a totally random thing, but it was also really cool to do that.”
Random, but meaningful.
I’ll leave you with an anonymous quote, “Kindness is one of the most difficult things to give away because it usually comes back to you.”
(Dominique Liboiron is a speaker, author, teacher, journalist and photographer. He enjoys outdoor sports such as camping, hunting, fly fishing and canoeing. For more information about his speaking engagements, phone 306-661-8975 or visit

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Dominique Liboiron

Dominique Liboiron is a speaker, author, teacher, journalist and photographer. To raise awareness about heart disease and to honour the life of one of its victims, Liboiron canoed from Saskatchewan to New Orleans. He is the first person to undertake that journey. He enjoys outdoor sports such as camping, hunting, fly fishing and canoeing.