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Today I choose green eggs and ham: Be bold and brave in 2014

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We live in a land of choice.

Bigger, Taller, Stronger, Smarter, Aruba, Jamaica, Online, Offline, Facebook, Tweet, Twiddle twiddle, “there’s only one candy with the whole in the middle.”
About 150 channels of the same thing at different times and different languages.
Wi-Fi, sci-fi, wii, instagram, instant dinners, picmonkey, pick me. Just see me. All these ways we try to be seen and heard and loved in the world.
The strange thing is we keep looking “out there” for something that truly lies within us — our hearts. Passions. Dreams.
Those things that make us spin, soar, fly and feel so incredibly free and naturally ourselves, you would think we were children once again.
Dr. Seuss (who has been my personal physician since I was four years old) has been prescribing
me daily doses of imagination, creativity and fun. Dr. Seuss provided me not only with inspiration
and imagination, but the belief that “all is possible.” I believe like Horton Hears A-Who, that “a person’s a person no matter how small.” I believe like The Cat in the Hat, that green eggs and ham are delicious (and I’m a vegetarian).
Whether you are in a house, in a box, with a mouse or with a fox. Whether you are on a boat, with a goat. Whether you are here or there, or anywhere. You always have a choice. You always have possibility. Right there at your fingertips. It just depends on what you believe and how you choose to see.
I choose to see things as infinite possibilities. I choose to believe that
joy and abundance are our birthright.
I choose to feel joy and love in all of my relationships — even the challenging grumpy-pant ones.
I am here to challenge you my friends to try some “Green eggs and ham” today. I am inviting you to do something different today. Stop, slow down, and listen to your heart.
OMG, yes your heart.
Do something that feels good for you. For you and no one else. Let go of
the belief that loving yourself first and saying yes to yourself is selfish. That is a bunch of whack.
Wherever that belief came from, I truly believe it is wrong. Deep within my core I know this: “the more I feel my heart song, and know the deep pulse, calling and rhythm of my soul, and the more I do something about that inner pulse and longing; the better  I will be at loving myself and loving others even more.”
How does it get any better than that?
So are you ready? To be brave? To take action for nurturing and creating an even more amazing spirit-filled joy-filled life? Excited? Curious? But not sure how to get there? Awesome!
Perhaps the answer is found in a delicious plate of green eggs and ham. See the possibility in your day.
Be bold and let your heart sing. Whether you are in a boat or with a goat. You matter. Your heart and your life matter.
 It is just what the doctor ordered. Be alive and shine.
I’d love to hear from you and the many ways you let your light shine in the world and how possibility is emerging in your day.
For more tips and tools on how to live abundantly from the inside out, please visit me online or pop down to KIVA. You are always welcome.
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