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Burstall’s Homes of Hope mission will continue

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After 18 years of organizing the Home of Hope Mission to Mexico on behalf of the Hope Evangelical Missionary Church in Burstall, Harold and Pearl Plato retired this past spring and have since moved out of the community.

The Platos’ departure left a hole in the organization efforts into the annual trek which has sent an average of 30 to 40 individuals from southwest Saskatchewan and southeast Alberta on a bus to build a home, one-room school house or a daycare for a poverty stricken area of Mexico.
Exit Platos; enter numerous organizers from Burstall, Fox Valley, Leader, Liebenthal, etc.
A group of people from the Burstall area decided the mission was too invaluable.
They have decided to continue with it, albeit with a different organizational structure. While the Platos did the entire organizational aspect, this now will be handled via a group of different people each handling many specific tasks.
“It definitely has a history,” explains Roxana Tiefenbach, a native of Leader who has been on two previous missions.  “People are willing to step in and do a piece.
“Are we going to miss them, of course — but, we know how to do this. There’s a respect for (the Platos) amongst the group, but I think we’ll do just fine.”
This year’s mission’s date is already set with the group leaving on Valentine’s Day 2014 and returning Feb. 23.
Tiefenbach has the busy job of communications with both the public and those with past involvement. She is busy making posters which she will be putting up in the region as far away as Maple Creek, Swift Current and Medicine Hat, as well as getting others in their communities and churches.
She is also sending out application forms to those who have participated in the past. They have to decide how many and who is going. Besides willing volunteers there needs to be some expertise on the trip so as to be able to properly build the structure.
Tiefenbach says they are about six weeks behind the normal timeframe for the mission’s application process due to the fact the new group had to get organized. She isn’t concerned though as at least people now know the mission will be going ahead as per usual.
Dr. Shane Andrus, pastor at the Hope Church says they initially held a meeting “on a hot, July evening” in order to gauge interest in future missions. From there, everyone was supposed to think on it and just in late October, they decided to push forward with Mexico Mission 2014.
“We had to have dialogue on the problem, figure out the solution and going from there,” explains Andrus. “We needing to be committing to it, praying about it and a week and half ago, we solidified it ... she’s moving forward now.
“The cause is greater than any one of us ... I’m excited, the miracle of e-mail, texting — it makes organization so easy (between all of the communities) and it has really brought us together that much more.”

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