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Saskatchewan State Council Knights of Columbus hold 91st Annual Convention 2013

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The 90th Annual State Council Meeting of the Knights of Columbus of Saskatchewan, held in Saskatoon, April 12 - 14, was a call to return to the basics of the Columbian Order.

It was a call for Knights to hold fast to the Catholic principles around which the Order was founded 130 years ago. Under the theme “Faith; Profess, Celebrate, Live, Pray” Give the World New Hope, State Deputy Gilles Doiron, the State Executive, and the delegates and their families from around the Province celebrated the past year’s successes and deliberated on how to better serve the Church and the community and to “Build up the Church” with the help of young members with new ideas.

The business meetings focused on informing all present on the important issues facing the Church, the Community and the Order with guest speakers instructing the delegates on the details they should be taking back to their home Councils. Several resolutions addressing the internal workings of the Order were discussed and the following resolutions addressing issues of the community and the Councils were passed;

WHERE AS: MPs Maurice Vellacott (Saskatoon- Wanuskewin), Leon Benoit (Vegreville- Wainwright), and Wladyslaw Lizon (Mississauga East-Cooksville) are calling on federal police to launch an investigation after the revelation, that according to Statistics Canada, 491 babies were left to die after they were born alive following a failed abortion between 2000 and 2009;
that the Saskatchewan State Council sends a letter of thanks to these MPs for their courageous action on the matter.

WHEREAS: almost 2000 surgical abortions are committed annually in Saskatchewan and all are funded by taxpayers at an estimated cost of between 1.6 and 2 million dollars,
WHEREAS: today, abortion is often used as a back-up birth control method , and
WHEREAS:  the Canada Health Act states that the province must only fund medically necessary procedures,
that the Saskatchewan State Council Knights of Columbus send a letter to the Government of Saskatchewan to defund abortions.

WHERE AS: Motion 408, a private members bill sponsored by Mark Warawa, Conservative MP, Langley, B.C. states: “That the House (of Commons) condemn discrimination against females occurring  through sex-selective pregnancy termination”; and
WHERE AS: if passed, this motion would prevent the killing of “unwanted” female babies during pregnancy; and
WHERE AS: the Sub-Committee on Private Member’s Business has determined this motion to be “non-votable”, a move aimed at preventing the motion from being read in the House; therefore
that we send a letter to the Prime Minister of Canada expressing our displeasure with this move by the Sub-Committee and encourage the Prime Minister to direct said Sub-Committee to adhere to proper parliamentary procedures; and
that within this Jurisdiction each council take a lead role in working with their Pastor to conduct a letter writing campaign to the Prime Minister encouraging him to do what is right under Canadian Parliamentary procedure and allow for the reading of Motion 408 in the House.

WHERE AS:  In 1946, Pope Pius XII declared Our Lady of Guadalupe Patroness of the Americas, and the late Holy Father Pope John Paul II declared the sainthood of Blessed Juan Diego on July 31, 2002; and
WHERE AS: in the words of Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson, “Running of the Silver Rose is a perfect program to honor Our Lady of Guadalupe, to express the unity of the order, and to turn to Our Blessed Mother in prayer as we work to end the culture of death that grips our society.” Therefore,
that Councils in Saskatchewan support and participate in the “Running of the Silver Rose Program” in honor of Our lady of Guadalupe.

WHERE AS:  2012 was deemed “The Year of Faith”; and
WHERE AS: profession of faith is one of the church’s pillars. Therefore,
that State Council encourage all Councils to start their meetings with the recitation of the Apostle’s Creed.

WHERE AS: the State of North Dakota has brought forth laws to protect the preborn child after a heart beat is detected; and
WHERE AS:  they have stated that being handicapped or down syndrome is not a reason for an abortion; Therefore,
that State Council and Councils of Saskatchewan write letters thanking the political leaders of North Dakota for their courageous stand and encourage them to continue to pursue the protection of life from the moment of conception. 

The election of the State Council Executive was held with the following results. State Deputy will be, Gilles Doiron of Moose Jaw, Past State Deputy will be Edward Gibney of Saskatoon, State Secretary will be Denis Carignan of Battleford, State Treasurer will be Brian Schatz of Regina, State Advocate will be Chris Bencharski of Meadow Lake and State Warden will be Joe Riffel of Saskatoon. The Order is honoured to have Bishop Bryan Bayda Eparch of Saskatoon as our State Chaplain.

From the opening Divine Liturgy celebrated by Most Reverend Bryan Bayda to the Memorial Mass celebrated by Bishop Donald Bolen, the 91th Annual Convention of the Knights of Columbus of Saskatchewan was a great success, holding firm to the principles of the Order; Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism. The delegates left Saskatoon better informed and inspired to go back to their communities and join together to “Help Build up the Church.”

Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus Elect Officers for 2013-2014

At the Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus State Convention held in Saskatoon on the weekend of April 12th to 14nd, delegates from around the Province elected the State Council Executive who will lead them for the coming Columbian Year. The results were as follows;
State Deputy will be Gilles Doiron of Moose Jaw
Past State Deputy will be Edward Gibney of Saskatoon
State Secretary will be Denis Carignan of Battleford
State Treasurer will be Brian Schatz of Regina
State Advocate will be Chris Bencharski of Meadow Lake
State Warden will be Joe Riffel of Saskatoon

The Order is honoured to have Bishop Bryan Bayda Eparch of Saskatoon as our State Chaplain.

The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic fraternal Order with some 10,500 members in Saskatchewan. The 90th annual convention of the Saskatchewan State Council was held in Saskatoon, April 12, 13 and 14.

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