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Major Camp Shagabec fundraising event goes on Boxing Day

Written by  Jessi Gowan
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With Cypress Hills' Camp Shagabec in desperate need of a new rec hall / kitchen / mess hall, volunteers are working hard to raise the funds for the project. Longtime camper and counselor Lindsay Alliban teamed up with a few others to set up The Reunion Boxing Day Bash as a fundraising event for the camp.

“We were talking and all wanted to get together with our old camper friends and other counselors, so we thought putting on a party like this would be a good way to get people together and raise some money for the rec hall,” Alliban explained. “There are a few of us working together to organize the event, mostly counselors who are still active participants in the camp, and a few other enthusiasts.”
Alliban started attending Camp Shagabec in her early teens, and has been volunteering as a counselor every other summer since her high school graduation. She feels a strong pull to support the camp, since she experienced so many important benefits from the time she has spent there.
“Camp has been so great for my family and for my community,” she said. “It's a place where you can go and meet new people. And be exactly who you want to be. You learn so much about yourself and about other people, it's a great place to become a better person. Everytime I leave, I feel so enthusiastic about life, and I've seen it change other people's lives, too. It's so important for all of us who go, so we are working together to raise the money to get this project started.”
The fundraising goal for Camp Shagabec's new facility is set at $400,000. As of Nov. 2012, $130,000 has been raised toward the goal.
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Alliban is hopeful they will be able to begin construction this summer.
“We really want to get started with this so that people can see that it’s happening, and maybe they will support us even more,” she explained.
“We’ve had inspectors tell us that we need to get this facility replaced, and the board has been trying to get plans in order while we are raising money. We’ve been selling calendars and doing smaller fundraisers in individual communities, and the United Church is helping us out as well. It’s so important that we raise this money, because our current facility won’t last much longer.”
The camp has remained popular with the youth of the southwest, especially with a new board of enthusiastic promoters.
Alliban admitted the camp has been so full over the last two summer, they’ve had trouble finding enough counselors.
“It’s the only volunteer-run camp in the Cypress Hills, and all of the counselors work on a volunteer basis,” she noted. “Everyone is passionate about creating a place where kids can feel safe and learn to grow and be good people. It’s important to us to make sure this camp can continue to run, for kids all over the region.”
The fundraising reunion will take place at the Royal Canadian Legion in Swift Current, on Dec. 26 at 8 p.m.
 Tickets are $10 in advance, and $15 at the door. They are available by visiting thereunion. The event will feature a DJ, 50/50 draw, prizes, and more.
“We are hoping to see about 300 people getting together that night to raise money for a good cause,” Alliban said.
“It’s not exclusive to those from Camp Shagabec, it’s a chance for anyone in the area to get together over the holidays while everyone is at home. It’s at a central location for lots of people all over the southwest, and I bet you can find people from each community who have been to this camp and had a life-changing experience there.”

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