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Thursday, 05 April 2018 07:21

Choice creates a Joy Juicery and Smoothie Bar: Part One

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It has been a while since we last talked my friend. It has been busy. It has been abundant. And Yes... it has been too long since we last connected.


So let’s sit down for a moment and put our feet up, take a breath and stay a while. How have things been? Can you believe the month is almost over? Easter is here. Spring is here. The sun is here. I have so much to fill you in on. Where to begin? Lets catch up.
For over 2 years I have been creating and choosing and dreaming for different. I desired to create a wellness centre unlike no other; one that nourished the body and the soul. Well guess what friends, it is happening.
Renovations began in November. We knocked down walls. Put walls up. Created designs. Worked with contractors. Purchased equipment. Hired staff. And more and more and more. 
March 1st The KIVA Studio moved to our new location. March 12th, the Joy Juicery Café opened in our new space as well. It has been less than a month and I am moved by gratitude and inspired every day.
I look into the kitchen of The Joy Juicery Café and I see our dynamic team of “joy makers” dancing to tunes of The Temptations. They sing while they are cutting vegetables and pressing cold pressed juices. The Joy Makers compliment each other, ask questions and laugh and smile. Together we are creating a new way of being a business together; where we can all share our capacities and talents and create more together than we ever imagined possible.
The first two weeks involved long days and long nights. My body rising up to the occasion of working very long days and super early mornings. YES I love what I am choosing and creating. It makes these long days and long nights an easy choice.
I am learning new things every day. There is more to create and more to do and sometimes the days and nights are still long. It has been a journey of finding balance and scheduling and making priorities, systems and choices that will create more for my life, my business and beyond.
Life is much more expansive when we are creating together. This creation and expansion of The KIVA Studio and giving birth to The Joy Juicery Café was and is a big choice.
There were moments when I tried to control the process. There are times when I still try to “figure it out” and “get things right”.... And then.... the invitation for choosing different shows up.
Along the journey, a “food wizard” showed up, wanting to create with me, and is inspired to work along side me and make the Joy Juicery Café an even greater expression than I ever imagined.
I never imagined it could be this easy and this possible. I never imagined that such a creative wizard would show up ready to contribute to my life and support my dream and help make it a reality.
We are in week three of the opening of The Joy Juicery Café and it is past midnight. I will be opening the studio and café very early tomorrow. There are more things to choose and create and organize and flow with and more. More to learn. Always more.
And so here I am taking a moment in this creative flurry of possibilities to let you know that choice creates. What if the joy and awesome you seek is already within you and only a choice away? What if the whole world and universe and everything else in between is just waiting for you to ask for contribution ... and is waiting for you to be willing to receive even more than you imagined possible. I wonder what could show up for you? I wonder what you could choose?  I wonder!
I wish you good night my friend. Sleep well. Rest deep – even if the night is short and the days are long. And choose what lights you up and sets your heart on fire. You will never know what will show up as a result; it just may be an even greater expression of you. It may just be the funkiest cold pressed juice and smoothie bar and wellness centre in town. It may be something even greater than that.
Shine on
See you Soon.
Ps. If you would like to connect, I’ll probably be at the juicery.... we are spending lots of time together lately. Lol.

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