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Thursday, 15 February 2018 07:00

A Sunday mother-daughter morning...

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It is a Sunday morning. Early. Everyone is sleeping still. Dark sky. Trees silhouette in the early morning dawn that is about to begin. Today is the last day. Today is the first day. Today.

This weekend I am facilitating a mother-daughter weekend retreat with three dynamic women and potent mothers and their beautiful daughters.

If you have seen the movie “Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants”.... these ladies have been through it all together. They have known each other when they were just beginning their adult life and have journeyed with each other through crushes, loves, marriages, babies, deaths, births, beginnings and more. They have a history. They have a story. They have a connection.

These women gather once a year to connect and celebrate each other and this year they invited me to add to the weekend and provide facilitation, guidance, and invitation to stretch, grow, be and nourish and nurture and more.

I am grateful for this weekend, for the experience of witnessing women and children, mothers and daughters being themselves, holding space, listening, creating, wondering, seeking, playing, dancing, laughing, dreaming and being together.

I try to BE the SPACE and BE the INVITATION for each person to BE themselves even more. I try to BE the WITNESS and ALLOW all to experience this weekend in whatever way they require. And at the same time I try to BE the INVITATION to BE MORE.

Being MORE is an invitation to be wide open with barriers down and stretch in new ways to reach new destinations. Being MORE is a STATE and a CHOICE. It is not a HOW TO GUIDE with check boxes and lists of “top 10 things to do to create a dynamic life”. Being MORE is about RECEIVING all of you and all of everyone else and judging none of it – even the jiggley wiggly bits. Being MORE is not holding onto rightness or wrongness or judgment or conclusion.

Being MORE is about stepping into the POSSIBLITY of CREATING your life in a new way. And all it requires is a new choice. A collection of new choices emerges throughout the weekend. May these words be the invitation and inspiration for you to choose different, be different, and create more.

A girl shares a tender connection she has with her cat that has died. She cries. She is open. Barriers down and beautiful. Her mother watches and witnesses with tears down her own face.

My daughter can be seen. My daughter is herself. My daughter is knowing. My daughter is kindness.

A mother shares her regret for her short fuse and how at times she can overreact. She is grateful for her daughter and compliments her daughter in front of all of us.

My mother is warm. My mother is fuzzy. My mother is soft.

A mother meditates side by side her daughter. She sends kindness and love and light to her daughter – with eyes closed and heart wide open. Words are secondary to our Being. Our BEING-ness creates our Relationships and our Life and our Living.

My mother is sparkly. My mother is kind. My mother is me.

A mother’s edge softens over the weekend and the rush of life melts away. She now stands present with us... present with herself... and receives and gives kindness and gratitude. Breath arrives in her belly and her face.

My mother is strong. My mother is open. My mother is creating.

A girl sends kindness and compliments another mother in the room. Thank you. This connection matters. A daughter looks this other mother and friend in the eye. A giggle emerges from her belly. Thank you.

My daughter is receiving. My daughter is giving. My daughter is soft.

A girl shares her special color, her passion for music, her connection with horses and how she too is like a horse.... like freedom. She has a horse-like quiet presence in the group. Tall, powerful, and gentle. Watching all with her big eyes and seeing everything, even the in-betweens.

My daughter is power. My daughter is presence. My daughter is still and free.

A girl shares her capacity of strength and endurance. She giggles and laughs and her creative color and sparkles burst out of her and onto the page. And in the same breath this girl shares the soft tenderness of a blanket and how it wraps around her finger and covers her body in kindness.

My daughter is fast. My daughter is strong. My daughter is soft color breathing.

The sun is rising. The trees are no longer in silhouette. The girls are rising and now chatting on a couch celebrating their sharpies, markers and magic coloring books. The coffee is done and the moms are slowly rising. The girls are ready to create this day.

I wonder what magic and possibility will show up today as these women and their daughters continue to create, choose, be and shine.

In gratitude.
Follow joy.


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