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Wednesday, 10 January 2018 16:11

What can you choose if the past was no longer significant?

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PRELUDE: New Year’s Eve 2017 I am sitting on my couch, watching the fire, and my dog is nestled at my feet. A glass of red wine and a few yummy dark chocolates and I am set.

That was it. Me, the couch, the dog, the fire, the wine, the chocolates. No one else. No people. No music. No action. Simply fire, breath and wine. Enough. And different.

It was the first year with such a different choice. In the past, I would cook escargot and entertain myself with yummy eats and treats. I would bring out my journal and my daytimer from the year past. I would “review the year”, and send my gratitude to all the choices, adventures and creations that I chose. I would celebrate all of me and everything I’ve chosen and created to take me to this moment. I would then create a soul collage, set intention for the upcoming year and step into 2018 with gusto.

This year I chose different. I chose nothing. It was awesome and new. 

There were moments when I wondered if I was doing something wrong. Moments when I thought “I should be celebrating more”, “I should be eating escargot, brie cheese, and decadent dessert”. I quickly let go of this judgment of “doing New Year’s wrong” and celebrated this different choice. The simplicity was nice and just as delicious. It was easy to sit in silence and stillness and embrace the night and the roar of the fire. It was replenishing in many ways.

It was the next day, on January 1st, 2018, where I felt a different sense of purpose and action. The New Year was here. It was a brand new day and a brand new year. What if everyday was “New Year’s Eve”? What if everyday was brand new and full of possibilities? It is true, if we make it so. Or you could hold on to all the choices, regrets, yes’s, no’s, would have’s, could have’s and more for the upcoming year and then burn it all up in a fiery on the one late night on New Years Eve.

My next aha moment took place when I was listening to an Access Consciousness Telecall with Brandon Watt. He asked a question: “If the past was no longer significant what would you choose?” It was then that something within me opened up. Almost like his question was a “release button” of the past. How liberating to let go of the past. What could I choose if the past was no longer relevant? Who could I be if the past was no longer relevant? I love the possibilities and excitement that show up with these questions.

People are so attached to the past – of who they are, what they’ve done, what they’ve accomplished, who’ve they’ve dated, what they’ve achieved, and on and on and on. What could we create if we were no longer “stuck” or bound to our past? Whoop whoop and a cha cha. Who would we be if we were not “being” our past, but “being” our future – right now?

Bye bye past. Hello possibilities. I can choose ANYTHING. I can BE ANYTHING and ANYONE. So who do I choose to be NOW? In these 10 seconds? I wonder!!!!

This is where your brain is having a moment and perhaps you are getting stuck by these words. “Who can I be?” Fiddlesticks and crackerjacks – you may say. That’s just non-sense. BE YOU! And what if being YOU... is not about what you’ve studied, or how much money you’ve made, or how many gifts you got this Christmas. Being YOU is not how many pounds you’ve gained or lost. Being YOU... is simply that... YOU! And if you were no longer bound by the past choices you have made... if you were no longer choosing based on the you that was.... if you were no longer the YOU that everyone wanted you to be.... what could you choose?

Anything and everything! That’s what.

My first day of 2018 was topped it off with the creation of a soul collage. I asked myself that same question that Brandon Watt asked earlier: “If the past was no longer significant, what would you choose and who would you be?” Every image I chose, was NOT a picture of what I wanted to have, or get or experience. Each picture WAS an image of “ME BEING ME”. If the past was not significant I would choose to be MORE OF ME: more potent, creative, powerful, beautiful, money-ful, elegant, sexy, stunning, AND MORE.

The soul collage is over 5 feet high and is currently hanging on the wall in my living room.

I am my own target for 2018. For 2018 I choose to make the past INSIGNIFICANT every single day. I choose to OUTCREATE MYSELF everyday. For 2018 I choose to UNLEASH THE FULL POTENCY OF ME – and receive and be it all. With magic and whoo whoo and fa-la-la-la-la. Just like that – with total ease.

Are you ready? Is now the time? I am playing big. I am celebrating large. I am making big choices, as if they are small and easy and everyday. Because I can. Today, tomorrow and this year and everyday in between is MY YEAR to BE ME! Unleashed. Unabridged. Un-edited. Simply breathe. Simply be. ME.

I invite you to do the same. Or don’t. Its up to you. It is all a choice. If the past was not significant, what would you choose? I wonder!


Christine & The KIVA Studio

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