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Just need second helpings of awesome

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Welcome to December. As I look all around me, I am inspired by the power of creation. Last night a gentle snow fell all over the city. Awakening the sidewalks into white clarity.

The full moon called loudly in the night sky: “SHINE ON”.
Yes, the television and the advertising invite us to shop and buy, and shop and buy some more.
However I choose to let the sales and specials go. I am inspired by creation and beauty this December – the beauty within and among others; the beauty and magic that you will not find in stores, online or on the shelf.
The white snow all around, fresh and new. I choose where I place my steps in my winter boots. I choose the footprints in the snow and what path and direction they take. I choose. I AM THE PATHWAY TO THE DESTINATION I SEEK. (Tweetable)
What if this holiday season, you chose different? What if this holiday season you entered December in a brand new way?
What if this holiday season you chose to BE CREATION! What if YOU were the BEST thing on your shopping list; and people would feel better and be inspired simply by being around you. Hmmmmm. I wonder what you could choose then? I wonder what kind of YOU, you would BE?
Would you choose the drama and cray-cray (that’s crazy) of family and road trips and trying to squeeze everybody into everyone else’s schedule? Would you choose to “DO” Christmas the way you’ve always “DONE” Christmas? Or could you choose something different? What if you could BE different?
What if you forged your own trail and chose to go where there is not one footprint, not one path, not one trace of anyone saying “go here, go there, be this, or be that”? What if you simply chose to place your footprint down... and create a new path... one full of possibility and promise. What can you choose today that will unleash your true beauty RIGHT AWAY? (Tweetable)
I speak a lot about creation and choice. (Can you tell? – LOL). Those are two things that help me to continue to move forward in my day and make my life dynamic and full of joy and possibility.
Yes, I could get stuck in how things are going to work? I could try to plan out every single detail of how to make things work and get things done... but that really isn’t much fun and definitely not creative at all. Over structuring my life leaves no room for creative play and innovative freedom. It also sucks out my energy.
Instead I choose to play in possibility. I choose to see my life as a white canvas ... a field of fresh fallen snow... where every day is a new beginning, where every day I can choose everything, or nothing. And both are just fine.
I can hear some of you right now and the thoughts in your head, saying something like this: “Come on Christine, I can’t choose EVERYTHING. I can’t choose ANYTHING I want to. I can’t just DO that. It’s part of my job to do A B and C. If I don’t do X Y or Z.... who will do it?”
We can create excuses for why we are stuck. We can make excuses and say things like: “if I don’t do it, no one will. If I don’t, they’ll be hungry... or disappointed... or worse. If I said No, they wouldn’t like me. If I said YES, how will I have time for everything else.”? And OMG your head sabotages your life one more time.
So go ahead.... don’t choose. That would be too hard. Stay in your excuses and worries and receive all the praise from others about how awesome you are when you do sooooo much. That doesn’t sound like a freshly fallen snow filled white and crispy clear sidewalk day of possibilities, now does it? That sounds more like overwhelm and the over-trodden path that everyone chooses.
INVITATION: So this holiday season, I invite you to BE DIFFERENT. I invite you to CHOOSE DIFFERENT. I invite you to wake up as if you are the fresh fallen white crispy snow; new and ready to BE the BOLD BEAUTY OF CREATIVE POSSIBILITIES that you truly be.
You are a magnificent creature. Your overwhelm and “cray-cray” is awakening you into that truth – to choose different. Overwhelm is NOT YOU. You can make a different choice.
Whether you are having a quiet holiday at home or travelling to all the aunties and uncles for turkey, stuffing and dessert (times 3) – however the holidays show up for you.... BE THE GIFT THAT YOU SEEK UNDER THE TREE. SIMPLY PRESENCE. SIMPLY YOU. SIMPLY BE.
Christine Ciona, The Joy Guru
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