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Wednesday, 15 November 2017 15:59

Creating amazement in your life with seven steps

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Have you ever had one of those days when you are cooking with gas, all lit up and creating with fierce joy?

That has been my week. I am not talking about scratching things off you “to-do” list. But rather choosing to create with the fullness of you. And then receiving the awesomeness that shows up as a result. This idea is foreign to most of us.
We are in a world that thrives on “lists” and “tasks,” and we measure our accomplishments not by what we are choosing to create, but rather by what we get done. This is so engrained in our world, we will even get things done on other people’s lists... and do other people’s’ “stuff” for them.
How crazy is that!?! As I am creating my life and choosing to “be the change I want to see in the world”, amazing things have been showing up for me.
FIRST: I am noticing more and more people choosing big and creating their lives in new and exciting ways. I walked into Kokopelli’s a few weeks ago, and I see Joanna Boutiere – the owner and creative force of this business and she is renovating her space, inviting people to choose more ways to be themselves in her store. She is fully out there sharing of herself and inviting people to be themselves as well. The space is fresh and fun and brings ease and clarity to all those who enter it.
Seeing Joanna choose more and create her life in her own unique way, invites me to do the same.
SECOND: I am drawn to people who are shining and creating their lives. I applaud those who let go of the status quo, get out of their own heads, and decide to choose their dreams and passions anyway – even in the face of uncertainty or the unknown. We all have the capacity to choose – that is one of the things that makes each of us magnificent.
THIRD: So what can you choose today, right now, in these next 10 seconds that will create more joy, more ease, more possibility, and more fun in your day? I wonder how much fun you will have doing so?
What else is possible when we choose to unleash the joy and creativity of who we truly be and what really lights us up. [tweetable]
FOURTH: I am choosing to be an even greater expression of joy and possibility. One way I am choosing that is through the expansion and growth of my business.
I am expanding The KIVA Studio and creating a cold pressed juice and smoothie bar – called The JOY JUICERY – built right into the studio. This is a huge leap and I am ready. The moment I made this choice and took steps to move it into action; the more I noticed other people also choosing to create their lives and be more of themselves.
That in turn inspired yummy conversations about dreams, joy and possibilities. Which then created fabulous opportunities to contribute together and create more.
FIFTH: When you are willing to be a contribution to yourself and others, more shows up – in great grande and glorious ways.
Here’s the magic of contribution. I would ask myself: what can I choose today that would be a greater contribution to this community right away? What can I create today that would be a contribution to The KIVA expansion campaign, my business and others right away?
When I stay in question, possibilities show up. And I find myself having fun creating joy filled perks that share my gifts, talent and time with others. When people join our expansion; they too become excited and are ready to create more in their own lives.
SIXTH: Contribution, kindness and gratitude have filled every inch of me for the last few weeks. For the past 12 days, our Indiegogo Campaign has received over $12,000 in contributions. People have purchased products and services in advance. Businesses have stepped forward and said yes to making contributions. Individuals have called me directly asking what they could offer that would add to the campaign and support our expansion.
Receiving people’s kindness, asking for contributions, and continuing to offer my gifts and talents to the planet, to my clients, and to The KIVA Studio, regardless of what others say, think or choose has been invigorating and inspiring.
All I can be is the invitation for joy and possibility. And when people say yes.... the magic happens... and they then become their own invitation for joy and possibility in their own unique way.
So much more has shown up for me than I could ever imagine possible and in ways I never expected. As I choose to BE my future and create my dream; kindness, gratitude and contribution arrive.
Simply being YOU is the gift, the magic, and the contribution that others are seeking. You choosing you, in your own unique way has contributed to my life in so many ways. I look forward to contributing right back to you along the journey.
POSTLUDE: Creating and lighting up your life rests in choice. With each choice, fill yourself with gratitude and kindness NO MATTER WHAT SHOWS UP. And BE a Contribution to others AND yourself, without expectation. We create so much more when we contribute and create with each other.
INVITATION: I invite you to awaken the possibilities in your own life. I invite you to make a BIG ASK of yourself. I invite you to BE THE CHANGE you wish to see in the world.
 I invite you to be the kindness, gratitude and contribution that you truly be. I invite you to shine. And I will be there, shining right beside you.
Like what you’ve read? Desire more? Shine on with Christine – #thejoyguru. If you desire to take your business and your life further join Christine at The KIVA Studio or book your Joy Clarity Session today. Together we can start creating more ease, joy and glory in your life. More information is online at:; on Twitter at:; or on Facebook at: TheKIVAStudio/.

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