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Thursday, 26 October 2017 11:35

Asking the dream to show up and inviting all to the party

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Let’s Begin: May these words inspire you to choose and create and bring your life into even more joy, happiness, ease and awesome.

No matter how challenging or difficult that may seem for you. May these words inspire you to also choose, create and shine.
The Backstory - Before:
Four years ago or more I sat on the floor of The KIVA Studio in prayer and meditation. At that time I felt I was at a precipice; will KIVA close down and die? ... or will KIVA live and survive. I could go into the details about what was going on at the time... but really that is insignificant.
My choice at that moment, four years ago, was to get caught in drama, trauma, and indecision and stress out. My head was full of doubt and worry and confusion. I was stressed about every and any possibility for The KIVA Studio and myself until very few possibilities showed up. I knew then, it was time to sit, be still, look within; and simply breathe and simply be. That evening I took my head out of my “@$$” (rhymes with “gas”. Lol) and made a choice. “Get out of the way” – (said this inner voice from within).
It was time for me to ask for help, to invite others to contribute to the studio and to allow The KIVA Studio to truly be the space of contribution and capacity that she would like to be. That meant – I had to let go of control and stop doing everything myself and “my way”; which is something I continue to explore and shift. Four years ago KIVA was calling me to welcome all to the table, draw the circle wide, and invite others to contribute and play with us. And I did. And people came. KIVA and I added more staff to our KIVA team and more classes offered to our community. And my life and KIVA’s life is filled with so much gratitude.
The Moment Before This One:
For the past two years KIVA and I have been choosing a big dream – HUGE! And we are about to tell everyone about it with full disclosure. KIVA and I are ready to expand again and create and choose one of the most fun, delicious, and sometimes overwhelming possibilities that I have ever considered.
We have chosen to expand The KIVA Studio and create a wellness centre beyond being just a fitness centre and gym. We will create a wellness centre that offers fitness classes, private counseling, nutritional coaching, wellness sessions, massage, a nutritional cafe and more.
There have been many times in the past two years where I’ve doubted this dream and wondered if I should just “stay where I’m at”, and not choose it. But I couldn’t imagine doing anything else and so I keep choosing it. We have looked at multiple spaces, buildings and rentals. We have worked with architects and graphic designers. We have applied for permits and funding applications. Lots of choices along the way. And no matter how many late nights or long meetings, this dream feels fun and choice and creation continue.
The NEW Chapter: Asking You to Love Me:
Tomorrow we are having a “soft launch” of our expansion plans with a group of friends, family and clients from the community. I am about to share the full story and invite all of you into creating the dream with me.  I am excited. My belly is full of little butterflies of possibilities. I have no idea how many people are going to come or who will be there. I am ready to really share this dream with the world. I could choose to not tell anyone of this dream I would like to create. But then it doesn’t make it real and it stays a dream.
I am reminded of the scene with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant in the movie “Nottinghill”. Julia enters the bookstore and says to Hugh Grant: “I am just a girl. Standing in front of a boy. Asking him to love her”.
Well, here I am on the night before our soft launch opening about to stand in front of all of you and ask you to love me – or at least jump on board the idea of the KIVA Studio and Wellness Centre Expansion and create with us.
We can “wait for our prince charming” to come, but if we don’t put a big ASK out there and let people know what we would like to create and receive... how will it show up? I would way rather create my life in contribution with others, and have my life be a contribution in return – rather than living on an island alone with my dreams stuck in my head.
So tomorrow is the “big reveal” and for the next month or so you will be hearing a lot about The KIVA Studio and Wellness Centre Expansion. I have absolutely no idea how this story will turn out and I am letting go of expectations (or at least trying to). I am surrendering the results and I am choosing this. I am ready to receive this now please with total ease: The KIVA Studio & Wellness Centre Expansion – where health, wellness and awesome living is at its best.
I would be so grateful is you would join the expansion and create with us.  If you would like to know more about this dream and our expansion... If you would like to contribute and create with us... please contact me. I would happily share the full story and the juicy details with you and invite you into creation with me. [Christine 306-774-6478/ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ]

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