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Thursday, 12 October 2017 06:26

Getting out of stress and into joy

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If I asked you to think about something that was stressing you out.... you could probably find one, two or ten things.

If I asked you about any disappointments or hurts you are experiencing.... you could probably find a few.
If I asked you to think about something you would like to change... for you... your family... your body.. your work... your relationships... your kids... you could probably find an answer or two and make a list of what you’d like to be different.
If I asked you how your body was feeling today.... perhaps it would say tired, sore, aching, highly medicated, stomach upset, back tight, foot sore, or much more.
If I asked you how you celebrated yourself today.... how you had fun today.... how you made space for YOU in your life today... I imagine I would be hearing “crickets”... and very few answers would pop into your head.
Instead, perhaps excuses and rationalizations of your life and your choices would pop up:  It’s the kids. It’s the work. It’s the dog, the boss, the babysitter, the parents. It’s not having enough time. My husband, partner, wife, isn’t blah, blah, blah,.... so it’s up to me. We’ll be away this weekend for sports, band, hockey, soccer, medical, doctor, appointments, tests, assessments, meetings and more.
Sound familiar?
We are not encouraged to exercise our awesomeness and choose fun. We are encouraged to overwhelm. We are taught to judge ourselves and compare our lives to our neighbors and everyone.  We are encouraged to rush and run and worry and stress and complain and disappoint and overextend.
And yet we would like it to be different.
And yet we would like it to experience more easy and awesome.
And yet we keep choosing the same things.
And we wonder why we feel stuck.
This is your invitation to choose different.
Inspired by the work of Eckhart Tolle, the film Milton’s Secret and my many teachers and guides in meditation, wellness and choice, I have created a 6-week program to help you choose different and create more ease for your mind, body and being. This is a program that will get you OUT OF YOUR HEAD and INTO YOUR LIFE. This program will help you to BE HERE NOW.
ALL ARE WELCOME. KIDS too. This is a family friendly, all ages experience.... because everyone of us would like to experience more ease and awesome in our lives. I will share with you the mindfulness tools and wellness techniques that I use personally in my life.
BE HERE NOW is a 6-week group experience for everyone to build the muscle of ease, joy and awesome, and create more tools in your life that will help you throughout your day. BE HERE NOW will awaken more ease, joy and possibility for your life and family. Together we will learn, experience and create tools for *mindfulness *meditation *play * laughter *choice *possibility *joy *kindness *compassion *creativity *and more.
BE HERE NOW FREE TASTER: Not sure if this is the right fit for you? Want to see what its all about before you commit? Yes, I am reading your mind. That’s why I’ve created a free Be Here Now Taster Experience. This is an afternoon of awesomeness where we will sample some of the Be Here Now wellness tools and you will hear even more about the program. When is this freebie happening? Sunday Oct. 15th (1:30 – 4:30 p.m.) @TheKIVASTudio.
RSVP your spot at the FREE Be Alive & Shine Taster (Sun. Oct. 15) by contacting The KIVA Studio/Christine 306-774-6478/ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. /visit online
Even Better.... SIGN UP FOR THE BE ALIVE & SHINE 6-WEEK EXPERIENCE: Join me/Christine as I facilitate a 6-week “Be Here Now” series for families, couples and friends. This is the ONLY Be Here Now being offered in 2017 so don’t miss out. This is an experience of mindfulness, magic and possibilities to create more ease, joy and awesomeness in your life. These tools work. I have used them in my own life and they have helped me to step into even more joy and possibility and get out of worry and doubt. I can’t wait to share this awesomeness with you.
BE HERE NOW begins Oct. 22 – Dec. 3. It runs Sundays from 2 – 4 pm. [Investment in you & your family: Kids 12 yrs/under: FREE. Teens: $40. One Adult: $199. Bring a Friend: $99 EACH].
We even have sponsorship available. Who knew that creating more space for ease, joy and awesome could be this easy.
The KIVA Studio and I are committed to being a contribution of kindness and compassion and we look forward to creating ease, awesome, joy and possibility with you.
Questions? Wonderings? Contact us. If this sounds fun and light and yummy for you and you can’t wait to play and create more for you and your family and the ones you love.... then sign up today.
So all you have to do is choose.  Shine ON.
Like what you’ve read? Desire more? Shine on with Christine – #thejoyguru. If you desire to take your business and your life further join Christine at The KIVA Studio or book your Joy Clarity Session today. Together we can start creating more ease, joy and glory in your life. More information is online at:; on Twitter at:; or on Facebook at: TheKIVAStudio/.

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