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The day we won the lottery

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The Backstory: I was in Saskatoon for the weekend helping an 87-year old friend with some medical appointments and surgery.

It was a 2-day adventure of tending to another and ensuring that they were well, safe and had their needs met.
At the end of my 2-day health and medical adventure, I was tired and truly was looking forward to getting back to Swift Current. Prior to our 3-hour road trip back home, I needed to fill my friend’s prescription at a pharmacy as he needed medicine on the way home.
The Big Scene
I was waiting for his prescription to be filled. I am standing in the magazine section and looking at the different cookbook and travel magazines when I hear a conversation just behind the aisle. A customer is upset about something and complaining to the clerk at the till who is serving him. I try not to listen in. I try to stay focused on the magazines; yet it is impossible as the voices are getting louder and now a second staff person is involved and three different people are all trying to be heard. Tension. Confusion. Energy is being pushed this way and that. The manager is now being called.
At that moment I realize how tired I am. The weight of caregiving is sinking into my body and I wish the argument and uncertainty at the till, in the aisle behind me would cease. 
Arguments are interesting. People want to be heard. People want to be right. And yet when both parties try to prove their “rightness”, no one is truly listening and no one allows the other person to have their own point of view.
The problem at the till was about a lotto 649 ticket. That’s about all I was able to decipher. The rest of it was irrelevant to me really. I took a breathe and this question rolled into my mind and heart: “How can I be a contribution here?” “How can I create more here for everyone involved?” And an answer emerged: “Go and gift him something”.
The Gift
Without thinking but following the energy of lightness and possibility I headed to the cashier at the till. The two staff were in “heated discussion” with the upset customer. I didn’t know what I would give this man? I had no plan. I simply followed lightness and trusted that the answer/the gift would appear. The clerk was ready to serve me: “I would like to buy him a lottery ticket please”. There was a momentary pause of all parties involved.
“I don’t need a ticket”, said the man. He was now trying to invite me to hear his side of the story.
“I’m not interested in your concern my friend. I only want to buy you a lottery ticket. What kind of lottery ticket did you buy?”
Again more silence and the 2 clerks and the customer were for a moment frozen in time.
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“It was a Lotto 649,” said the clerk.
“Awesome. I’d like to buy 1 for him please. And one for you. And one for you” (I point with a big smile on my face to the other clerk).
This gifting was super fun. There was no more fighting, conflict or tension. The invitation to give this man something – which ended up being a free lotto 649 ticket, soon turned into me buying 6 tickets. One for every person there: the man, the two clerks, the manager, a tall handsome man standing in line next to me at the till, and one final ticket for myself. (Note: this was the first time I purchased Lotto 649 tickets EVER ... and it felt really fun and expansive when I shared these tickets with others).
We get caught up in the drama and trauma of our lives. I was caught up in my exhaustion and the stress of caregiving for a friend. This gentleman was caught up in his concerns about his lottery ticket and how he was served at the till. The clerks were caught up in the frustration of customers and their own work worry.
And in all of that we can forget we have choice. I am so grateful for the power of question and choice. Life is so much more fun when we are contributing to each other rather than blaming, shaming or arguing with another.
I left the Pharmacy with my friend’s prescription as well as my own Lotto 649 ticket. Everyone left the store smiling. People even shared hugs and high-fives. I felt like I just stirred the energetic soup of possibilities.
INVITATION: What contribution can you be that will create more here?
In those moments when you get stuck in your agenda, or are locking heads with another’s point of view, or exhausted in the moments of your day... I invite you to stay in question and ask yourself: “What contribution can I be that will create more here?”
What if everyday you could choose to contribute to being the lottery for your own life and in return helped others to receive the joy in their own day? I’ll have some of that please!!! Cha ching! Priceless.
Shine ON.
Christine Ciona The JOY Guru

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