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My big ask — Joy guru reveals all ... almost

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I am alive when I am creating.
What lights me up and awakens my soul is when I create something that will impact others and bring people together. I am jazzed up when I inspire others to be their own version of awesome, fantabulous and joy-filled. Whether that happens around my dinner table with friends, or at The KIVA Studio with guests, I am here on this planet to light you up, and inspire and invite you into your awesomeness.

Some of you may know I offer private sessions for clients. Many of you have been asking what is it exactly that I do in my private sessions. I am ready to share this with you and take another step out there and be more public about the private work and sessions that I do.
I could wait for the “universe” to bring us together. I could wait for “the right time” or “ask the angels” to make it happen, but that doesn’t work for me. I am a creative beast and I am ready to take action and invite you to join me for my private sessions and creative group offerings. The timing is right and the invitation is now.
This is the biggest invitation I have made to the public. I am ready to be the contribution to you, your life and living and help you step into your fullest joy-filled self — with ease.
Joy doesn’t have to be hard. Joy is a choice. I can share my personal tools, processes and pathways to help you be an even greater expression of yourself.
People have asked me how I do it? How can I be so happy? Happiness is a choice friends and I have learned fun, creative, inspiring tools and I will share them with you.
Want to play with me? You are guaranteed to have a great time.
This may be the change you have been looking for.
If you like to be stuck. If you want to “go slow” and wait for the joy train. That is also possible. Choose joy. Now/later? It’s your choice.
It is time to go from hopeless to hilarious and happy. From cluttered to creative and clear. From confused to potent and possible. I can help you choose with potency and purpose and create the life that is calling you  — from that voice deep within.
Did you know I call myself The Joy Guru for a reason? I am really great at helping motivate people. I am very good at supporting people to get out of their own doubts, regrets, guilt, shame and blame  and step into their own power, potency and purpose.
I will kick you in the butt and be the champion of your awesomeness. Why do it alone when you can have me to cheer you on and light you up? You have all the tools and capacities within you. You just have to get your head out of the way and allow your awesomeness to emerge. I can help you with that. And I am great at creating awesome.
That lights me up. I love seeing people burst forth from their own shadows.
I am ready to make this known — truly put it out there — and share my gifts and time with you.
If you are ready for a change. If you want to be happy everyday. If you want to create more in your life and get the junk out of the trunk, I am your babe.
There are many ways to play with me.
I am going big friends and this is the biggest invitation and set of joy-filled creations I have offered so far. I am so excited to share these with you. Whoop whoop and a cha cha cha.
Is it time to ignite your life into joy and awesomeness? I dare you to choose you and to be the radiance you truly be. Whoop whoop. Shine on and play with me.
You could choose to read this article, get inspired and then sit back down on the couch. Or you could choose something different.
If you would like to create more and have my support along the way please contact me at welcometokiva@
This is one joy train not to be missed. Drop me an email or give me a call and together we can create a pathway of more ease and awesomeness in your life.
Like what you’ve read? Desire more? Shine on with Christine — #thejoyguru. If you desire to take your business and your life further join Christine at The KIVA Studio or book your Joy Clarity Session today. Together we can start creating more ease, joy and glory in your life. www.welcometo; Twitter: ChristineCiona; Facebook: https://www. TheKIVAStudio/.

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