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Fundraising campaign for new emergency room ultrasound

Written by  Sean Finnell
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In an emergency every second counts. Have you or a loved one been rushed into the Emergency Room (ER) with unknown problems? Panicked? Scared?

It’s the last place most of us would want to visit but, the ER at Cypress Regional Hospital sees more than 15,000 people in the course of a year. The medical staff relies on their training and experience to quickly diagnose and aid those coming through the door, but in many cases, they need to have the proper diagnostic tools available too.
A portable ultrasound unit can be an invaluable tool in the Emergency Room. It can be used by the ER doctor to quickly assess and diagnose conditions in accident victims, intraabdominal bleeding, ruptured organs, collapsed lungs, even fluid pooling, other diagnosis such as aneurysms and ectopic pregnancies are also possible.
In most cases having the portable ultrasound will give the patient the best results as it allows the medical staff to begin treating them as quickly as possible.
If there is no ultrasound available in the ER, it can mean precious time is lost as patients are sent to other centres to be diagnosed.
While there is a full ultrasound room at Cypress Regional Hospital, often ER patients are not in suitable condition to be transported into the ultrasound area, and if it is not during regular hours, there may not be an ultra-sound technician available.
Currently, there is a portable ultrasound machine at Cypress Regional Hospital, and it is used in the ER very regularly. However, it is also used very regularly to assist in the Operating Room, in the Intensive Care Unit, and by the anesthetist. What this means is that it cannot be, and is not, always available for use in the ER, which can mean the patient in the ER will not have as quick of diagnosis, and possibly may need to be sent to another center.
It has been discussed and decided that a portable ultrasound unit dedicated to the ER is not only warranted, but we feel, necessary.
To help make this possible, the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation has put the funds from our Inaugural Black Tie Hockey Draft, and our Charity Golf Classic towards this purchase.
To accomplish our goal and to fully fund this new portable ultrasound, we will need your support.
Our goal, (the cost of the machine), is $65,000.
To date, we are a little more than halfway to reaching that goal. If you would like to help us, you can visit us at our office or send your donation through the mail to, 2051 Saskatchewan Drive, Swift Current SK, S9H 0X6.
If you have questions about this campaign or about any of the work being done by the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation, feel free to phone 306-778-3314.
Sean Finell is the special events/public relations co-ordinator for the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation.

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