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Choosing ease helps nurture the body

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What would it take to empower people to know that they know; simply by inviting them to look inward and listen to their bodies innate wisdom and choose to step into even more comfort, ease, restoration and awareness?

For the past five days, I have been in a Restorative Yoga Training with Tianne Allan, and a circle of other women, all ready to learn more and experience Restorative Yoga.
We are all eager to learn and to receive. Every day Tianne guides us into a deeper understanding of restorative yoga; and invites us to be the witness of our own bodies and hold sacred space for each other.
Every day is a slow unveiling and an invitation to go deeper and to receive our bodies wherever they are at; to receive all of ourselves, whole and complete exactly as we be.
Restorative yoga helps return the body to a state of balance and ease. Through gentle yoga poses, supported by yoga props, blanket and bolsters, we are guided and our body is supported to relax, rest and let go of all effort.
There is an activation of the parasympathetic nervous system.
When the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, our bodies can more readily restore and heal themselves; tension can be released, relaxation occurs, and chronic stress is diminished.
Blood pressure drops, heart rate slows, breath softens and deepens, and immune function improves.
We are working in pairs, guiding our bodies into different restorative yoga poses. It is my turn to receive and my partner is guiding me into the supine back twist. Yoga mat on floor. A comforting oasis of blankets and bolsters are ready to greet my body.
I am invited to gently lie down on these props. These props hold my body like a sacred hammock. My shoulders soften and muscles relax.
A big belly breath moves through me. I am thinking of nothing.
I am simply aware and listening to my body.
I am invited by my teacher to be 1% more comfortable. I ask for more support in my knees.
She adds another blanket here.... or there on my body. My knees gently twist to one side and again she takes more time and gentle care to support my body. All of her kindness and tending tells my body “she’s got my back, I am safe, I am well, I can relax, I can be barriers down, I can receive the support and kindness.”
My body sinks into this position. My left hip starts to awaken and tingle. My lower back “unlocks”. I feel more space showing up in my hips. Another deep belly breath emerges from within. 
A remembrance emerges: While in this pose a memory and feelings emerge from my past. I am reminded of my childhood cancer story.
That cancer experience invited me to choose power, strong, action and resiliency. Softness and slow was not a choice I made at that time. I had many lumbar punctures and injections in my spine at that time.
My lower back holds tension; from today and long ago.
I continue to lay on the mat, cocooned and supported by multiple yoga props and blankets. My body sinks into this deep stretch, deep awareness, and deep receiving. “Yes” says my spine. “Let it go” says my back.
My eyes are soft. I am smiling. I am not holding that cancer story in my spine anymore.
The gentle twist supported by my guide is all that is needed to create more ease, awareness, release and knowing within me.
The lock down in my lower back is no more. I am open and willing to receive even more space, ease and possibility in my body and my life.
All of this showed up simply with the invitation to choose slow, to breathe, and to receive the support that my body so passionately desired without hesitation.
Mahatma Ghandi reminds us: “There’s more to life than increasing its speed.”
The Restorative Yoga training invited me to welcome slow, welcome breath, and welcome myself exactly where I am.
I released old body tensions. I gained body awareness. Softness and space showed up in my body and in my life in the most beautiful ways.
I am ready to create more space and time for my body. I am ready to choose more ease and joy for my body. It is all about choice.
Yes, our society is fast past and frantic.
That is something I do not choose to be or have in my life and my body.
Yes, I can create dynamically and yes, I choose to create with awareness – with an awareness that includes all of me; including my body.
What is your body asking you to notice? How can you create more space and ease in your day and more joy in your body? Where in your body are you holding tension? And how can the invitation of breath create the space and ease you may be looking for?
Restorative yoga and the dance of awareness and ease with my body is now one of my tools. If you would like to learn more I’d happily share this new learning with you.
From my body to yours – Follow Joy and Breathe!
Shine ON.
Christine Ciona , The JOY Guru
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