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The power of words, story and making your word count

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My dad is a Scrabble champion. He will take his time, study his letters and somehow out of his collection of letters, he is able to spell words like ‘Quetzals’ and ‘Gherkins’. I on the other hand, rush in and gloriously roll out words like ‘fold’, ‘can’ and ‘in’.

I remember visiting my Baba in the care home a few months before she died, and she spoke very little. There were moments of silence and stillness and sharing space. Then in just a few words she speaks deep truth, power and potency: “It is hard when you want to be somewhere else.”
There have been times I have gone for coffee to find everyone talking and at the end of it all not really saying much. Filling space with sounds of words, stories, gossip, and “did you know’s”.
A Wondering about Words
I wonder where the meaning, joy and spark is in our stories? I wonder what words we would choose to speak if the words we speak could create our lives?
What if they do? What if the words we speak, the stories we share and the thoughts we have actually create our lives? I have seen in my own life that this is true. Victor E. Frankl writes: “Our greatest human freedom is that, despite whatever our physical situation is in life, we are always free to choose our thoughts.”
There is meaning in the message. So what message are you creating? What words, thoughts and stories are you sharing and speaking from your very lips, and what meaning are they creating in your life?
It is easy to speak about the drama and trauma of our lives. In fact, our culture thrives on drama, trauma, pain, guilt, sorrow and wrongness. Look at all the TV shows and news programs out there and how much they amplify the drama and trauma of the world. What is the meaning their message is delivering?
Choose your words and create your life
I wonder what words you could choose that would create the life that you desire?
If you are wanting something different to show up in your life, you have to be different — you have to be that which you desire to create and receive.
Imagine all the energy spent complaining, stressing, and worrying about what has or hasn’t shown up in our lives. All the disappointments, regrets, and judgments we have of others and ourselves. I wonder what words would come from our lips if we no longer spoke words that judge, blame, shame or guilt anyone — including ourselves. Perhaps there would be more silence. Perhaps there would then be more ease. Perhaps our words would turn from judgment and drama, into power and possibility.
Yes, there are challenges in life. Yes, we may fail.
Yes, we may struggle, but challenge, failure and struggle does not mean we have to embrace the drama and trauma of our fears and worries.
When words such as “This is so hard... ”; “I don’t know how.... ” or “This will never work....” rush from our lips, we are affirming our stuckness, amplifying our fears, and limiting possibilities. Thoughts and words rooted in fear amplify stress, judgment and worry, and soon we stop choosing possibility and stay stuck in the fear once again.
I wonder what you can create in your life if the words you speak reflect the desires and dreams you wish to create and the “you” you truly can be?
Choose your words:
Here are some words ... see how they feel for you. Do they feel limiting and contracting ... or expansive and full of possibilities?
• I can’t talk about it because they’ll just get upset ... OR ... I wonder what I can choose now that can create more here?
• My friends will never understand ... OR ... What else is possible here that I haven’t even considered?
• Why do I keep making mistakes? ... OR ... I move through change and challenge with ease and grace.
• I don’t know what to do ... or ... I am confidently moving in the direction of my dreams.
Invitation: Be the scrabble champion of your own life. Choose your words. Create your life. Be the spark in your own story and watch the magic and meaning show up at your doorstep and you create the “winning score” for your awesome life.
You will only be as stuck and as limited as the words and thoughts you speak, so choose your words and create your life.
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