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Denver Colorado, Dr. Dain and my dog

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One week ago I ventured to Denver Colorado for a workshop with Dr. Dain Heer (the co-founder of Access Consciousness®). Throughout the three days I met people from all over the world ready to let go of their own limitations and points of view of who they are, who they can be, and how they can or can’t show up and shine in the world.

Everyone was curious about how to be more of themselves. Everyone was ready to step into their own power, potency and possibility of living their lives to their fullest capacity and beyond. We learned dynamic access consciousness® processes and tools to help us to fully receive ourselves without judgment, limitation, shame or guilt.
We talked a lot about feelings and how feelings can stick us in the wrongness, or the rightness of us. Feelings can keep us stuck in what we think is or is not possible in our lives.
How many of us have ever felt judged for being ourselves? Then when judged we shut down this capacity to be ourselves and we stop letting our unique magnificence shine. Instead we start to conform to other people’s expectations and beliefs of us.
How many of us have had situations — throughout our lives — where we were judged or made wrong and we chose to disconnect ourselves from that moment ... yet, disconnecting leaves a part of us behind.
We talked a lot about receiving. Receiving is that whatever comes into your life you let it in and let it through. Without aligning or agreeing with what is showing up in your life — from yourself or someone else — we can learn to let it in and let it through without attaching to it. Then we can create a different choice.
How many of us resist judgment? Judgment is a huge part of our world. When we resist judgment we lose the capacity to receive ourselves and fully be ourselves.
Receiving means not buying things as real or true and yet in this crazy delicious beautiful planet we live on, we’ve been taught to take everyone else’s opinions of us as true.
We’ve been taught to take everything personally. It seems like everyone else is the expert of our own lives. What if we could stand in our knowing of who we be, and what if who we be was actually enough and a dynamic contribution to the world?
I get excited and inspired when Dr. Dain says that “Being You Can Change The World.” Damn, how exciting is that?I wonder what I can choose that could help me create more in life and allow me to be more of myself?
Over the course of the three days I was affirmed and received just as I was. It was a beautiful space where we were all welcomed just as we were in all of our trials and tribulations, celebrations and challenges. With courage and bravery, people went up to the microphone and opened up, let their barriers down and asked questions about their lives, their feelings, their thoughts, their beliefs and emotions that they were struggling with or wanting to step through and move beyond.
With every question, including my own; with every person seeking more, I saw myself in them and I let go of my own limiting thoughts and beliefs and stepped into even more of my own potency, power and possibility.
I am still processing all that I learned, experienced and received over the three days in Denver. In many ways words cannot describe what I experienced. It was truly an encounter of possibility and a true receiving of all of me.
I wonder what I can choose now that will create more potency of my being in my life?
Hmmmmmm... I can’t wait.
The “bonus and aha moment” showed up when I returned home. I had been away for six days and my dog was waiting for me in my front sunroom. I walked up the steps and before I could open the door, he was pawing the ground, prancing like a horse and spinning in circles with enthusiasm. I opened the door, stepped inside and was fully greeted and received.
My dog’s entire body was vibrating with joy. His tail was unabashedly quivering in harmony with his body. His eyes were on fire with delight. He jumped up and kissed and licked and twirled and jumped and kissed me some more and  I received all of it with total ease.
It was at this moment that I experienced the sensation of full receiving. I let my dog’s gratitude and enthusiasm for me enter me. I was filled with joy. I let my dog’s kindness sparkle out through me and shared it with the planet. It was a delicious experience to fully receive my dog’s gratitude for me and for me to fully receive myself. I’ll have some more of that please.
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