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My body is a truthteller: The morning I listened to her whispers of awareness

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Here it is friends — my early, early, early morning confessional.

Only the birds and bugs and I are up at this hour. There is a flicker of light slowly pulling off the covers off the night. Otherwise it is just us — you and I, and the early, early, earlybirds. 
So let’s talk the truth. My body hurts when I wake up. There is a slow hum in my bones when I arise in the day. My feet will vibrate. My spine is stiff like a semi-frozen pipe cleaner. I am not in pain; it is more of a sensation of some story, just there beneath the hairline of my life.
At times I judge this ache and judge myself.
My mind can quickly turn to self-blame: “you’re not drinking enough water Christine”; “you’re not getting enough rest Christine”; “you exercised too hard this week Christine.”
Those voices aren’t true; they are just judgments and ways to keep me stuck in the wrongness of me.
I shake it off — Taylor Swift-like— and continue to awaken into the day and land in the awareness and knowing of my body. What is she trying to tell me, this body of mine? What could I be aware of if I chose to listen to the knowing of my body? I wonder what I would be able to hear and understand if I listened to my body and appreciated her as the truthteller of my life?
So in the early morning hours as my body and the earth awakens I ask myself: What is right about this I am not getting? What is right about this slow hum and dull ache in my body and bones? I let go of my mind’s point of view and judgment and wrongness of my body. I now sit here in the dark morning hours with the early early early birds and close my eyes and listen to her — listen to my body. My body has a storyline that is speaking to me and I am ready to hear what she is saying. I listen. I breathe. I ask her what she—my body—wants me to know today? And my body — she answers.
My Body is Aware of Creation and Possibilities
“You are creating Christine”; the gentle whisper of body awareness speaks into my bones. I have this sensation that every cell of my body is aware of creation, knows my targets, and is working as a champion for my life to help me bring these creations and my life into being. It is interesting trying to describe the awareness that I am sensing in my body as I sit with her and listen. The words that pop for me are knowing, creation and power.
The judgment of my body and her sensations now is gone and excitement fills me. It is true; I am creating. I keep breathing through my body, bones and skin and another whisper of awareness lands within me: “my body is receiving the possibilities of my life.”
It is just taking my mind time to catch up to what my body already knows and is experiencing. I am infinitely supported. I am creating my life. I am power. My body is ready to receive the fullness of my life so much that she awakens with an ache and a hum of possibility singing through her bones. My body is aware of the contributions she is being and receiving.
I am grateful for this day and the early, early, early birds that sit here with me in the dark. I step out of judgment of my body and invite my mind to receive my body as a beacon of wisdom and knowing.
I am ready to springboard into the vibration in my feet and create with even more purpose and power.
I am ready to let go of the judgment of my body’s storylines. I invite every cell of my body to continue to be a beacon for my life and pull in the creative possibilities for my life so that I too can contribute more to the world.
My achy legs are now vibrating with possibilities and power and I step creatively with joy into this day. The birds are still in the trees and I imagine we will both soar to new heights today with our bodies guiding us to destinations greater than we ever imagined.
The Invitation: When your body is speaking to you — whether it be through pain, ache, tingling, excitement, or butterflies in the belly — stay with your body’s sensationsand awareness.
Ask your body what it wants you to be aware of, that if you were aware of it could change everything with total ease? See what great magic and possibility can show up in your body and your life when you stop judging your body’s sensations and experiences and start receiving your body’s contribution and whispers of awareness into your life.
Shine on. In gratitude.
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