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The power of space and how not to fill it

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Last weekend I had planned on going to a three-day training seminar in the States and in the end I didn’t go.

My schedule was now wide open and free. What would I choose to do with my three days of unscheduled time?
This was an interesting experience and very rare for me. My day is usually filled with dynamic opportunities for creating, taking action, being in community and making awesome things happen. Even when I have “free time” I usually choose to write, dream or create for my studio, for my business and my life.
What if awesome possibilities can show up by doing less; by following the flow of the day and simply being in the space that has shown up in our lives?
I had a whole weekend of nothing scheduled.
There was a part of me that was unfamiliar with this space and uncomfortable. I had moments of wanting to fill it up with action and doing things.
I was willing to see what else was possible with how I played with this new space and time that was now available for me. I was willing to choose something different and trust the flow of the day. The weekend showed up in ways that I did not anticipate and I received so much more than I imagined.
I asked myself: “What can I choose now that would create more for me?” and I listened for the different answers and responses that showed up.
Friday: I said yes to a visit with a new friend. Soon we were in my office and playing with my new recording system for my YouTube videos. We learned new meditation chants. We talked about mindfulness. We had no agenda and no tasks that needed to be completed. We simply were open to the creative moment of time shared together.
Saturday: I created a new office space in my home for my counseling business and creative KIVA adventures. I moved furniture. I vacuumed, dusted, cleaned out shelves and organized. The entire room looked new.
I felt refreshed and I couldn’t wait to see what I could offer my clients now with this new space and the new capacity it now holds. I enjoyed this new sacred space of my home office and I was filled with gratitude. Grateful for my home. Grateful for my business. Grateful for the clients that I work with. Grateful for my dog — who is such a gift to my life, my family and my business. Grateful for myself.
I gave myself a “toast” of acknowledgement of what I have created in my life.
Sunday: I took a spontaneous trip to visit a friend out of town. I was needing some “soul sister” time. I desired to be nourished, heard and supported. Two hours later I arrived at her doorstep and we created some awesome “sister-hood” time together; followed by a yummy brunch, laughs, stories and more dreamtime together.
Most of us are so wound up in this culture’s time crunch mentality that we will fill every hour of our day with action. The result: our mind and body never get a time to rest, unwind or release. We do not give ourselves time to nurture our intuition; our deep knowing within us of what can we choose now — of what do we truly know for sure that would create more.
So instead we fill our lives with stuff, physical clutter, mental thoughts and emotional wounds that we hold on forever. Now I am ready to create and play with time differently.
I am very good at giving to others and this weekend was truly one of giving to myself. This weekend of wide open unscheduled time gave me the space and time to nourish my body, rest, be still, create beautiful spaces, listen to my body, connect with a dear friend and ask for the support that I needed.
My life has been full for the past two months — with a lot of ups and downs, creations and letting go and sometimes when your life opens up with a window of space, perhaps the greatest gift is to not fill it with things you have always done, but fill it with things that are new, fresh and uncommon for your soul. Soul time. Soul sisters. Soul space. That is what I created and chose this past weekend. My “to-do” list is still there, but I am new, I am refreshed, and I am nourished. I am ready to create my week again and to be the “joy guru” that I truly be — even in the face of challenge and letting go. I am ready. I am grateful.
The Invitation: I invite you to find one hour a day — just for you. Schedule nothing in that time and simply ask yourself: “what can I choose now that will create more here for my life?”
See what you can create when you follow the flow and spaciousness of your day, rather than filling it up.
Shine on. In gratitude.
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