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The strength and the power of a 10-second choice

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Some of my greatest moments take place within a 10-second choice. When I land in 10-second choices incredible things show up for me; things such as presence, awareness, possibility and even more choice.


Making choices in 10-second increments stops me from over thinking things and keeps me out of my head. I no longer worry about “how to do things” or “what will people think,” and I land in the very moment of which I am in.
I can hear the thoughts in your head already: “Come on Christine ... you can’t just live your life in 10-second choices, that’s crazy.”  I am here to invite you to consider another possibility. If you chose to live in 10-second increments, you would always be in the power of presence and the here and now and you would be incredibly aware. I imagine the ability for you to “think on your feet” and “trust your gut” would expand.
Here are some of the perks I have experienced when I move through my day in 10-second increments.
1. I am not over thinking things. I am less reactionary.
2. I am not caught up in what other people will think of me or my decisions.
3. I am living in my power and strength.
4. I am aware of my creativity and ability to choose. I know I can always make another choice and I am never stuck.
5. I am more aware of what brings me joy and what doesn’t. Ease, joy and freedom expand in my day.
We grow up in a culture and society that says when you make a choice you have to live with it and stick by it. You have to commit and follow through with what you said you were going to do — even when that choice no longer fits for you.
Does that feel light or heavy to you? That mindset is one of obligation, judgment and duty. There is no freedom or ease when we buy into the belief that once you say “yes” or “no” to something, you can’t change your mind.
Imagine being in a job that no longer fits for you. Or a relationship where you feel stuck and unable to be yourself. Why do we choose to make decisions out of obligation, so other people will like us or won’t be disappointed in us? This enhances the belief that everybody else is more important than ourselves.
Here is a question you can play with — try this one on and see how it feels for you:
If you had 10 seconds to live, would you want to do what you are about to do today? If the answer is no, I wonder what you else you can choose?
Chutisa and Steve Bowman in Prosperity Consciousness offer these tools:
Practical Process: Over the next 24-hours, choose to live in 10-second increments. Before you do anything, ask yourself the following questions: 1. If I had 10 seconds to live, what would I choose? 2. Make it a point to pay attention to these things: Where does your time go? How do you spend your energy? Where do you focus your thinking? Where do you focus your feelings? Where do you focus your action? How do you respond to the opportunities that come to you?
At the end of the day, see for yourself, how much more focused you have become — at work, at home, everywhere.
Living in 10-second increments is an Access Consciousness® tool for living in the present moment. I have been studying Access Consciousness for several years now, and this tool truly helps me to get out of my head and to make choices throughout my day with total ease.
Living in 10-second choices doesn’t mean you are indecisive or lacking focus. The complete opposite is true actually. When you live in 10-second choices you are focusing totally on what is happening in the moment and engaged in what you are doing. When I do everything in 10-second increments, my mind doesn’t wander, I am present and I am not  “running” and “doing” through my day; but creating it.
The choices that I make when I am living in 10-second increments expand my life with even more ease and joy.
The Invitation: For today, I invite you to play with making 10-second choices and ask yourself: “If I had 10 seconds to live, what would I choose?” See what possibilities shows up for you.
Perhaps you will have that overdue conversation, or you’ll let go of a grudge that no longer serves you, or you’ll tell someone how important they are to you rather than waiting for them to figure it out on their own, or you’ll take that extra 10 minutes to listen to or play with your children, or you’ll choose something else. It is always a choice.
I wonder what you can choose today that will add more to your life right away? Until then — keep choosing.
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