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Time to Dance for joy. Dance for Dorie. Dance to make a difference

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Setting: I am 12 years old and in Grade 7. It is a Friday Night at Irwin School.

It is our first school dance. The Top 10 billboard songs at that time were Let’s Dance (by David Bowie), Sweet Dreams (by The Eurythmics) and Karma Chameleon (by Color by Numbers — a.k.a. Boy George).
Most of the girls are on one side of the gym and the boys on the other. Remember this is the 1980s people.
Pretending not to feel awkward. You are itching to get on the dance floor, but no way are you going first. You’ve been practising your dance moves in the bedroom with the door locked so no one could catch you grooving in your bedroom. You’re not sure who will “get the dance floor started.”
Somehow it happens, slowly like ants a few enter, first sniffing out the territory and getting familiar with the landscape. And then once we “know it is safe” we all head to the dance floor and the party is on.
The Power of Dance: What are your dance stories?
I used to be part of a Ukrainian dancing group and we would perform at different concerts and shows. My Baba shared stories with me of how she would sneak out of her home to go to the town dance and enjoy watching everyone on the dance floor. I remember attending my cousin’s wedding and watching the young children dancing and celebrating with ease on the dance floor — all dressed up in their suits and swooshy dresses. We all can dance when we find music that we love.
Dancing makes us feel good. Dancing makes me feel alive, connected and free. Whether I am dancing in my bedroom, at The KIVA Studio, or down the street, when I move my body I get out of my head, stop thinking and feel like joy in motion.
The first time I took a Zumba class I remember how awesome I felt — as if I was full of joy and sunshine. I was just learning the dance moves. It was the music that awakened me.
My heart opened wide, my smile beamed through my face, and sunshine burst forth every cell of me.
This is what being alive feels like. It was the Waka Waka song by Shakira that awakened me.
I am so grateful for that class. It was a game-changing day for me. Getting out of my head, moving my body, saying “yes” to the dance created great change for me that day. I stopped worrying and oodles of more ease and joy came into my life.
What if dancing could build a community? Dancing brings people together. Whether it is at a wedding, town hall, or school function, dancing creates community. What if I invited you to come and dance with me? I wonder what magic we can create together when we all come together to dance and celebrate?
Dorie’s House is the Youth Emergency Shelter that recently opened in Swift Current. It is less than one block away from my studio (The KIVA Studio and Wellness Centre) and everyday as I drive past Dorie’s House, I am inspired to take action and make a difference in the lives of the youth and their families in southwest Saskatchewan. I wonder how I can create more joy in the lives of the youth who have perhaps lost their joy. I could dance.
The entire community has been supporting and rallying behind Dorie’s House to create more for our youth. I am ready to contribute and create more for Dorie’s House as well.
The KIVA Studio, our entire team of instructors, and dance enthusiasts from across southwest Saskatchewan are going to be joining me for the largest dance party in town.
It is a fundraiser in fact — Dance for Dorie is a two-hour Zumbathon Dance Celebration where simply showing up and dancing with us will create more money and capacity for Dorie’s House and the youth of southwest Saskatchewan.
Dorie’s House will provide safe shelter, accommodation and more to youth at risk. These are youth perhaps who struggle with finding their daily joy and who are overloaded with worry, stress, and overwhelmed to the point where they need support in finding a safe place to live.
We all could use more joy in our lives. What if the choices you make today could actually create more joy in someone else’s life and your own, simply by you showing up to the dance?
Will You Come and Dance with Me?
I, Christine Ciona, am inviting you to come and dance with me. Come to Living Sky Casino on Saturday Feb. 11, at 7 p.m. and dance with me.
Dance for joy, dance for hope and dance for Dorie. Through this joy-filled evening of dance and fitness we will inspire each other to be the community we desire to create and we will offer incredible possibilities for the youth of Swift Current and southwest Saskatchewan.
You only have this one precious life, so how are you going to choose to celebrate it today?
Dance for Dorie is graciously sponsored by Living Sky Casino and I am so grateful for their support and commitment to make joy possible through this fundraising event. Of course my gratitude to The KIVA Studio –—the sacred space that inspires joy in my life and others everyday.
Everyone is welcome to the dance. The Dance for Dorie Fundraiser is for you — whether you have two left feet, no rhythm, or are the cha-cha king. This is your chance to dance and make a difference simply by being you and showing up. Of course children,  youth, families and the young at heart are all welcome. All proceeds for Dance for Dorie go to Dorie’s House — the Southwest Youth Emergency Shelter.
Tickets available at Pharmasave, The KIVA Studio and online
Thank you for dancing into my life. Thank you for enjoying these articles and for saying yes to the many ways you dance and create joy in your own life.
Join me now and say yes to my joy-filled dancing invitation. I look forward to dancing with you and creating joy filled possibilities for Dorie’s House and the youth in Saskatchewan.
Shine on. Dance on.
Like what you’ve read? Desire more? Shine on with Christine – #thejoyguru. For more details on Dance for Dorie, to get tickets or to help volunteer contact Christine for full details. Together we can be creative catalysts of ease, joy and glory. Visit the website at:; Twitter@ChristineCiona or Facebook/KIVAsacredstudio.

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