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Tuesday, 20 December 2016 11:00

Winter doesn’t have to be totally cold

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How to celebrate the dark cold winter and create with ease — just like Santa?

It is 7:30 in the morning. It is dark. My iPhone says it is 27 degrees below zero. The sun will not rise for another two hours. The sun will set at 5:08 p.m. All of this great sun and moon action can create new choices for us. We plug in our cars. We have block heaters in our vehicles. My dog has snow boots for his feet. We even have the option to buy fuzzy onesies.
On Christmas Day in the North Pole of The Arctic, the sun will only be up for two hours and 15 minutes. Santa and all his little helpers will remain “in the dark,” for there will be no sun for 84 more days.
This is Santa’s busiest season ever in his toy shop and joy factories up North. Santa and his many elves are coming and going to work in the dark. I imagine all the elves having very powerful headlamps on their elf hats to help them see in the dark.
Many of us choose to judge the dark. We keep night lights on in our bedrooms because we are afraid of the dark. The dark seems like a mystery place where we can’t see. We worry we will get lost in the dark and will not find our way. The monsters in our closets wake up in the dark. Yes, new ways of being show up in the dark and even though you may be “in the dark” you still have the power to choose, create and be.
I wonder how we can celebrate the dark and choose to create with ease?
Dec. 21, was Winter Solstice – the longest night of the year. This is the day where night actually lives and thrives.
Every day after winter solstice, the nights get shorter and the days get longer. Many are looking forward to the “returning of the sun.” Yet, great magic and possibility reside in both light and dark.
Rather than pushing the dark aside and wishing it to go away, I wonder what you can choose to create in the dark, in the mystery and the unknown, that would create even more for you right away?
Santa does not let the almost 24 hours of darkness slow down his creative process. He chooses to create in the chaos of the dark. Santa chooses to live in a part of the world where there is either oodles of light, or oodles of dark. Neither one is better than the other. Neither one is more powerful. Both simply being in relationship with the other with allowance and ease.
Dark doesn’t have to equate to being heavy or wrong. Dark is simply dark. You don’t have to stop living or choosing creation, or being more of you, simply because the days are short, the night is long, and you are living in a fuzzy onesie.
Here are a few definitions of dark to light you up (LOL). DARK: 1) As with little or no light. 2) Not reflecting much light. 3) The absence of light in a place.
How have you have judged your life as light or heavy? As full or empty? As cluttered or abundant?
If dark is the absence of something — the absence of light — I wonder what you have chosen to judge in your life as the absence of you? Or the lack of you? I wonder what else would be possible for you, if you let go of all the judgments and wrongness of you?
When you allow the light and the dark of your life to simply be in relationship with each other, and choose and create with ease throughout all of it, I wonder what great possibilities and capacities would show up then? 
Scientists intrigued by light share that darkness is what you get when there are no photons around, since humans can only see visible light. Humans can’t see radio, infrared, ultraviolet, X-ray, or gamma rays, which are all around you. So darkness is just the absence of visible light. You could never get complete darkness because some photons will always get in (The Creation of Light, by Gustave Dore).
We make the dark an excuse to stay where we are, to stop expanding and to be less than. Yet even in the dark there are photons of light. Dark is simply a perception and point of view that we create for ourselves.
So rather than judging the dark, I wonder how the dark can actually speed you up and help you create even more in your life. Get out your headlamp. Awaken the inner beacon of awesomeness in you. Be the firecracker to your own life and create like a maniac — in all of the light and all of the dark. Welcoming, receiving, allowing, creating and being all of it and more — choose, create and shine.
Shine on. In gratitude.
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