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Wednesday, 23 November 2016 13:55

How to find joy in a sea of Christmas crazy

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Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose.

The holidays are majestic and meaningful. It is a powerful story that connects us to kindness, hope, peace and joy, and yet, in the season of such great magic and mystery we are often dashing, prancing and frantically “ho ho ho”-ing our way into the holidays, that we find ourselves wound up tight and exhausted before Christmas even arrives.
Good luck what happens next when our fuse is short and we eat too much and we drink too much and in the wee hours of the morning with the whole family clan around you there is a family meltdown in the kitchen of grandma’s house right over the “sugarplum fairies” and reindeer cookies. We try to forget the chaos and yet every year we seem to create the whole crazy Christmas all over again.
Whoosh! Let’s take a moment friends. What if you entered the holiday season in a whole new way? What if you chose to create a whole new way of being and receiving the holidays that invited more joy and compassion into your life and your day? What if you let go of the shopping lists and the “have to’s” and stepped into more ease and joy throughout all of it. I wonder what you could choose that if you did choose it, would create even more joy, magic and ease in your life than you ever imagined?
Here are a few of my “The Joy Guru” steps to creating a holiday full of ease and joy. (Note: these work in all types of crazy... not just Christmas.)
1. Be still and breathe
All it takes is three minutes of slowing down and connecting with your breath to create more space and ease in your day and your mind.
When we are overwhelmed by our Christmas wish lists and rushing from Christmas concert to turkey dinners we can lose ourselves in the process and stop breathing. Sure we are “breathing,” but not deeply and often not with awareness.
Make time in your day to be still. Do nothing. Go nowhere. Whether it be for three minutes or for 30 minutes. Hide yourself in the bathroom if you need to. Take three minutes in your car before you rush off to your appointments and your day. Slowing down and finding that quiet centre within you, creates more awareness and possibility in your day. Then you can go out there and start “cooking with gas” and be in alignment with your centre.
2. Create a morning practice
My morning practice involves deep breathing and connecting to the centre of my being. Once I am connected to my breath and aware of the air moving in and out of my lungs and body, I am more able to centre into the awareness of myself. I then ask myself, “What type of day do I want to create today?”; “What can I choose today that will create more ease in my life, my body and my business right away?”
I don’t look for a definitive answer; however I sense into the awareness of what my breath and the wonderings will awaken in me. Before my day spins out with the speed of infinite possibilities; which it does and I am every grateful for I appreciate the time to breathe and listen to the deep magic, mystery and possibilities that are within me. This is not found on a “to-do” list. It is found in the moment of connecting to my breath, my centre, and my essence. From this place I then choose and create my day.
3. Giving and receiving to create more for my life and for the planet
The holidays and Christmas season has become commercial. We have been inundated with “buy buy buy” and “shop shop shop” and “give give give.”
People choose to spend oodles of money on gifts, food, and travel to make this “the best Christmas ever.”
Gifting things to others is awesome.
I love receiving gifts from people and giving as well. However how can we choose to give and receive with awareness? If you buy this or that for a friend, family member or even buy something for yourself for the holidays have you ever thought to ask yourself: “If I buy this, will it create more for my life?” Maybe the answer is no. Maybe it is a definite yes.
I wonder what possibilities can show up when we shop and give with awareness rather than out of expectation. Whoosh. And everything that brings up (yes, what if you stop giving them gifts when you really don’t want to in the first place) will you destroy and uncreate it all please?
The Invitation
So now it is your time my friends to enter into the holiday season with ease, joy and glory. Or not. It is up to you. How will you move through your day? Are you ready to add three minutes of intentional breathwork into your day? Will you wake up in the morning and take time to centre into your day and create an intention for more ease and joy? What can you add to your day that will create more holiday joy right away? And anything that doesn’t allow that let it go! Or choose crazy! It is up to you.
Shine on. In gratitude.
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