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Confessions of a joy-o-holic and choosing more

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My name is Christine and I am a “joy-o-holic.” I am grateful for joy and I really try to choose joy every single day. I love joy so much that I actually have named my business The Joy Guru, and Joy Guru is on my licence plate. 


Joy fills me up and makes me overflow with awesomeness.
Why the heck would joy be such a big deal and priority in my life? Because I know what what it feels like to not have joy and to feel like you are stuck.
Do you remember when you were 12 years old?
When I was 12 years old: I started to get a cold and get sick. I couldn’t breathe. Doctors couldn’t figure out why. I was on all kids of medicine. I got tired. I slept all the time. I wasn’t eating. I wasn’t hungry. It took the doctors one whole year to figure it out.
When I was 13 years old, I was diagnosed with cancer. I had a cancer growing in my nose and down my throat. It was cutting off my airway and making it hard to breath, hard to eat, hard to do anything. It made me forget joy.
I had surgery. They removed the cancer. I had radiation. They burned the cancer. I had three years of chemotherapy. They zapped the cancer with powerful drugs and medicines to make the cancer shrink, die and go away.
When the doctors and parents tell you that you have cancer, when your teachers and friends find out you have cancer, what do you think happens? People treat you differently. People start to freak out. You start to freak out. Maybe you are different. Maybe they are right. Maybe you will die. Maybe you should just stay home. Maybe you should just stop.
I could tell you about how I lost many of my friends. I could tell you about the kids pulling my wig off in the hallway and throwing it back and forth to each other — like “pig in the middle.” I could tell you how I felt alone and that no one “got me.” How the chemotherapy made me sick. How I gained almost 100 pounds and all my hair fell out. How I stopped having my friends over. How I felt incredibly awkward.
I could tell you about the drama and trauma of having cancer, but instead I will tell you about choice and how you can choose joy no matter what shows up in your life. No matter what people think, no matter what people say, no matter what you believe is or isn’t possible in your life, you can always choose joy.
The power of a choice.
I could have stopped going to school. I could have stopped trying. I could have stopped the drama club and band. I could have just stayed home in the worry and the wondering of my head. Or I could believe in myself and make a new choice. It was  then that I intentionally chose joy and sunshine.
Sure there were days that were hard. There were days that were even harder, but in everyday there was something good, because I believed in choosing, finding and creating joy.
Everyday was a new day. So I chose to be “The Happy Cancer kid” and people changed. And I changed.
Joy changed my life and joy saved my life.
When I stopped focusing on the disease; when I stopped worrying about dying; when I stopped freaking out about not fitting in; when I stopped worrying if people would like me or not; when I stopped letting cancer rule my life; I could then just be me, be myself, choose for myself, and chose joy. I could live my life. I could shine.
Joy brings light, sunshine, happiness, honesty, truth and possibility into your day and into your life.
Think of something stressing you out. Think about something really hard or heavy for you. Maybe it is something at home, with your friends, or deep inside you that you haven’t shared with anyone?
Now ask yourself: what can I choose today to create more joy right away?
Maybe you play with your dog more. Maybe you hang out with that friend who really gets you. Maybe you lay in the grass and look up at the sky, and take a deep breath. Maybe you choose you and let go of all the “what if’s” and worries, and make choices that bring you joy.
I didn’t hide my truth by staying at home. Yes I had cancer, but that was not who I was; it was something I was experiencing.
I chose to live. I chose to be happy, even if I had cancer and then everything changed. I stopped focusing on the cancer and everything became more fun, real, colourful and possible.
There is only one of you on this planet.  You have your own unique fingerprint. Your own unique smile, beautiful face, magical laugh.
There is something beautiful and incredible inside you only you can be and know and it is up to you to choose to share that with everyone. And when you do everything will change, and get bigger and brighter.
Then no matter what comes your way, you know your light and your joy — what lights you up and what makes you sing, will carry you through.
So I invite you friends to choose joy, choose joy, choose joy. life can be full of heaviness. Cancer, divorce, bullying, mean people, judgment, disease and more, but those heavy things are not you; they are just experiences. Joy is found in all experiences if you choose to find them.
Be a Joy seeker. Be a Joy maker. Light up your world with your awesomeness and everything will change. I guarantee it.
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