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Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Foundation thinks about the bigger picture for purchases

Written by  Sean Finell
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Recently the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation was pleased to invite members of the media to the Cypress Regional Hospital to see a new piece of equipment.

The piece is called a Panda Infant Warmer, and it was purchased using funds donated to the Dr. Noble Irwin Foundation from the Sandra Schmirler Foundation last spring during the World Women’s Curling.
Don’t let the name fool you, we didn’t overspend on a heating lamp, this is a state of the art machine.
In fact, it is the same equipment that is used in the neonatal intensive care unit in larger centers. It has the capability to not only warm the newborn but to monitor them and keep them at the right temperature.
More importantly, it is a critical piece of equipment for rescuing and resuscitating babies who are born in distress. The Panda Infant Warmer can provide rescue breathing with oxygen, it has suction to clear airways, and it can do almost anything you would need to in order to save the life of the newborn. It’s a fantastic piece of equipment.
You may have heard about this purchase. The Dr. Noble Irwin Foundation Facebook page has been spreading the good news and thanking the Schmirler Foundation, as has the local media.
It is one of those feel-good stories. I mean, who doesn’t like to save babies? Right?
Unfortunately, not all of the equipment needs in the Cypress Health Region are so instantly endearing. Some of the items needed are for tests or procedures that we would rather not think about.
Some of the items on the list are as boring as a hospital bed, or as potentially unpleasant as a bedpan flusher. It does not mean that they are not important pieces. Just ask the person who takes the bedpan down the hall how important that flusher is. Or ask someone who needs to be in that hospital bed how they feel. It is all important, it’s just not always endearing.
As we make our way through the fall and head toward the end of 2016, the Foundation has had a very big year. We have done our best to provide donor support for The Meadows, at Radiothon we raised money to purchase two new operating tables for the Cypress Regional Hospital, and we hosted fun events such as the Charity Golf Classic and the Fun Muddy Mayhem.
It isn’t always the big things though. Sometimes, it’s the little gifts. Someone who has set up an automatic transfer of $10 per month to the Foundation, or someone who donates at the end of the year with their tax return in mind. It all helps, and it is all necessary.
If you want to find out more about the work of the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation please visit our website, or phone us at 306-778-3314.
We would be happy to help you to “Keep Healthcare Strong” in southwest Saskatchewan.
Sean Finell is the Special Events/Public Relations Co-ordinator for the Dr Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation.

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