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Sometimes life is baffling and bewildering

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With Halloween approaching, I’m reminded of many mysterious and unexplainable events people have experienced and told me about. These aren’t mere ghost stories told around a campfire.

I’m talking about strange, even bizarre incidents that really happened, but I’ve never fully understood. In fact, I don’t think science or religion could offer a complete explanation either.
In the interest of privacy, I’ve changed the names in the stories, but not the details. Besides the names, the information is the same as it was told to me by the people who were involved.
A friend I’ve known for many years once shared with me a dream she had that predicted the future. Her husband ran a successful taxi company so she didn’t have to work. This gave her time to pray often, as much as four or five times a day. She felt that prayer helped her have premonitions. One night, she had a dream about a car accident. A few weeks later, she was travelling down the road and saw a car in the ditch exactly as she had envisioned in her sleep. She said all the details of the accident matched her dream, even the colour of the car. I believe that she had that dream, but was the accident merely a coincidence? I simply don’t know.
Speaking of accidents, I know a few people who have seen angels and dead relatives who either helped them avoid a collision or recover from the trauma and injuries they sustained in one. 
Others have confided that they were visited by deceased family members when they were very sick with a serious illness. How would you explain this?
Not that many years ago, a buddy of mine described an event he experienced while in mourning. We’ll call him Barry. Not long after he buried his friend, Barry had a conversation with the deceased. Barry isn’t one to make jokes about death and while I can’t explain what happened I don’t think he made it up.
Barry said to me that he was sitting in his basement when his friend appeared. According to Barry, his friend didn’t seem dead. In other words, the friend wasn’t a ghost or semi-transparent like we’d see in a movie. To Barry, his friend looked real and the two spoke casually.
I asked Barry if he felt scared. He said no because everything seemed so real – as if his friend was still alive. Barry’s wife was upstairs and wondered if he was talking on the phone. He told her what happened when he got upstairs. Neither of them could rationalize what took place.
We’ve all heard similar stories. In many cases, we know that the person isn’t lying. What they say happened really happened. But explaining what happened is a whole other story. 

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Dominique Liboiron

Dominique Liboiron is a speaker, author, teacher, journalist and photographer. To raise awareness about heart disease and to honour the life of one of its victims, Liboiron canoed from Saskatchewan to New Orleans. He is the first person to undertake that journey. He enjoys outdoor sports such as camping, hunting, fly fishing and canoeing.

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