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A hole, a tree and the green grass grew all around the world

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Have you ever heard the expression, that “to get things done you have to do it yourself?”

Have you ever been in a situation or a relationship where you really wanted help, but didn’t ask for it? You would wait and “see” if they actually made the bed, helped clean up, or did the dishes? Then when they did do it, you judged them for how “it wasn’t done right.” Or when they didn’t do it, you judged yourself for believing that person would do what you wanted and judged them for not “being like you.” So you stopped receiving help,  stopped asking for help, and chose to do everything by yourself. Hello superheroes.
Newsflash friends:There is only one of you. Each and every one of us is unique. We all have different gifts, skills and capacities. Each one of us shines in our own way. So to compare ourselves to others., to compare others to ourselves, to expect someone to do something “our way” is keeping all of us stuck.
Comparison limits all of our capacities to thrive and shine. Why the heck would we want someone to be “like us?” Perhaps to prove our “rightness?” Sound familiar?
Why would you want someone to be “like you”, walk like you,  talk like you, think like you, do like you? Sounds awfully manipulative and controlling. Yet we’ve all done it.
What would happen if we allowed the other person to be themselves, without judgment, and see how we can contribute to each other in our own unique ways?
We can contribute more to each other and ourselves when we let our own unique capacities shine and be expressed.
Ok, let’s back up. Remember that children’s song about a tree ... “such a pretty little tree, and the tree was in a hole, and the hole was in the ground, and the green grass grew all around all around, and the green grass grew all around.” (I imagine the tune is spinning around in your head right now. Hee hee hee.)
That song sings to me the power of capacities and allowance. The tree didn’t ask the hole to be a tree. The branch didn’t ask the twig to be a branch. The leaf didn’t get frustrated or upset that the hole couldn’t flicker in the wind or sad the branch couldn’t turn colours from green, to yellow, to orange and then float to the ground. They all contributed to each other. Each part of the tree has its own capacities. Roots, tree, branch, twig, leaf — all shine in their own way. They are all in allowance and contribute to each other. Together even more awesomeness is possible for each and every one of them. There is no judgment here.
There is only allowance of the other. There is no competition here. There is only contribution to all.
Human beings forget this and we choose to judge. We choose to be right. We choose to compare. We choose to believe that there is a right way to do something. So if you want something done right, you better do it yourself. There is no community here in the place of judgment. There is no contribution in the place of competition and it feels heavy and a load of work.
I have been there friends. I have compared my business to others. I have compared my body to others. I have judged others for judging others. How crazy is that? Wow. All of that heaviness just keeps me stuck in that limited reality.
The antidote to this “monkey mind” is the power of capacities and contribution. I have my own capacities. No one has them. Just me. I am my own unique creature. You have your own capacities. No one has them. Just you. You are your own unique creature. I wonder how each of our unique capacities can contribute to each other and create more?
What if today, you played with the idea of including everything and everyone and judging nothing? What if today, you chose to be a contribution to everything and everyone you meet and know?
What if today, you chose to be a contribution to yourself and allowed your awesomeness to contribute to others.
What if today, you let go of the belief that “you’re way is the best way” and let go of “doing it yourself” and were ready to receive the contribution from everyone else around you?
I wonder what great magic and awesome delights can be created from this place and point of view?
And the green grass grew all around all around and the green grass grew all around.
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